oracle (n.)
late 14c., “a message from a god, expressed by divine inspiration,” from Old French oracletemple, house of prayer; oracle” (12c.) and directly from Latin oraculumdivine announcement, oracle; place where oracles are given,” from orare “pray, plead” (see orator below), with material instrumental suffix -culo-. In antiquity, “the agency or medium of a god,” also “the place where such divine utterances were given.” This sense is attested in English from c.1400.InI body is the temple of YHWH, and the oracles of Jah are written and broadcasted through InI –orator (n.)  late 14c., “one who pleads or argues for a cause,” from Anglo-French oratour (Modern French orateur), from Latin orator “speaker,” from orare “to speak, speak before a court or assembly, pray, plead,” from PIE root *or- “to pronounce a ritual formula” (cf. Sanskrit aryanti “they praise,” Homeric Greek are, Attic ara “prayer,” Hittite ariya- “to ask the oracle,” aruwai- “to revere, worship“). Meaning “public speaker” is attested from early 15c.

Hittite ‘Ariya‘ means ‘To ask the oracle’. Is this connected to Hebrew Ariel the fire hearth of sacrifice/altar of incense found within the temple of the body? InI think so!
Note: In this Ethiopian Soul Kitchen, the Matrix Oracle stands next to the fire-hearth or ‘oven’ aka ‘Ariel’. This is a type of alchemical oven connected to Kaneh Bosm/Cannabis sacrement, ‘getting baked’ meant smoking out the bad spirit, activating the THC in the Kaneh Bosm and listening to the Oracles of JahNote that the Oracle of the Matrix film (pictured at top of page) is smoking in a green dress and wearing ‘pearls of wisdom’ around her neck. FYI: it is not a cigarette she’s smoking, symbolically speaking. KANEH BOSM IS THE ‘KEY’ INGREDIENT IN THIS WOMAN’S COOKIES!
Image(On a side note: InI discovered that European-Middle Age alchemists had an esoteric item they called ‘The Alchemist’s Oven’ where an apprentice’s head would be ‘baked’ inside to remove all the bad spirits that were inside. Again, another Cannabis etymology pointing to its place in the Tabernacle of Jah)
Baked expulsion of the demons

1 Kings 6:19 – And the oracle he (Solomon) prepared in the house within, to set there the ark of the covenant of the LORD.

Here the word for ‘oracle’ is the Hebrew דְּבִיר Debyr meaning ‘the innermost place of the Temple of Solomon’ and coming from Dabar דָּבַר meaning ‘To speak’.

In the Amharic, the word is connected to several in the linguistic tree of oracle word sound power. The first is D’br meaning ‘mountain, sanctuary, parish‘. InI scrolled down the list here and saw some other interesting connections:

Dabb’r’ – thrive (business)
Adabb’ra – fertilize, enrich soil, cultivate (one’s mind)
Madaba’r – culture
Debab – large processional umbrella for The Ark
Debtera – unordained member of clergy educated spiritually, in the scriptures
Debter – notebook
YeDebTeRe Amarigna- ‘refined’ Amharic
Debedabbe- letter or epistle

Checking the Hebrew meaning of Dabar makes it clear that this oracle is pertaining to speech, word i.e Word Sound Power of Rastafari. Culture, language, words of truth, it all comes from the Oracles of JAH. He gives InI His culture. Something to keep in mind that if we stop listening to H.I.M we would lose those oracles and this we would lose InI culture- Ma’DABAR!

We sight this as the true etymology of Dub music – Word Sound Power Inspired by the most High Jah Rastafari. Note: Every language in the world has it’s own unique SOUND SYSTEM!

1 Kings 6:23 – And within the oracle he made two cherubims [of] olive tree, [each] ten cubits high…

1 Kings 6:31&32- And for the entering of the oracle he made doors [of] olive tree: the lintel [and] side posts [were] a fifth part [of the wall]. The two doors also [were of] olive tree; and he carved upon them carvings of cherubims and palm trees and open flowers, and overlaid [them] with gold, and spread gold upon the cherubims, and upon the palm trees.

(Above: The Temple of Solomon/ The sanctuary between Man’s temples.
Below: Similar cherubims of ancient Egypt)

To be continued…

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