Greetings to all in the name of His IMperial Majesty, Qedemawi Haile Selassie, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of kings of Ethiopia, Elect of GOD!
Liberated Ethiopians raise Imperial ensign of the House of David, Tribe of Judah

Below: Cameleering with Ethiopians: the First Battalion of Abysinnia and her Australian allies trek towards Fascist troops
We would like to share a few photos of Australian ANZAC troops assisting Abysinnians to expel the Fascist Italian troops from Ethiopia during the criminal occupation of their Sovereign country.

We are not often proud of our nationality or patriotic about Australia’s participation in past wars. Often we have sighted our participation as colusion in criminal invasions; among them the Iraq invasion, the Afghanistan war (continuing) or many other conflicts Australia has participated in over the years. However these pictures here are a small historic snapshot of a time when we were assisting (as part of the British Empire) a nation who truly needed our assistance.

InI here are Australian Rastafari and unashamed Monarchists. However, we do not extend our support to all world monarchies. We proclaim the rights of the Ethiopian Monarchy, the Solomonic Dynasty. It is the only Theocratic government that can claim Divine Authority as it is the Throne of David, the anointed King of Israel. This is a spiritual government and no modern or gentile system of government can surpass or usurp it.

Because Australian troops served to assist King David’s children in expelling the modern-day Philistines of Rome, we salute them and their sacrifice to do so. InI sincerely hope that it will not be the only time the people of the Southern Continent assist Holy Ethiopia and the Hebrew Israelites of Ethiopia.
ANZACS pose with Abysinnian troops
Cameleering through jungle

A brief pause to read

Cooking meals together

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