Shalom and greetings to InI Brothers and Sisters in His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I and His Christ Yashua HaMoshiyah. Greetings to all others who are reading this in curiosity or in their search for the Truth of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

InI wanted to touch on this subject in a video blog on the tube channel, but we’ve been time poor these past weeks. So we’ll break open the seal of silence on this subject and hopefully continue the dialogue in God-time, Jah time.
We also apologize for wandering in this reasoning. We open witha discussion on culture, and that has taken us into unanticipated areas.

Australia, why are you so confused about Rastafari? We’ve checked forums and discussion boards, there’s some discussion out here, but the general tone is that Rastafari is a culture/spirituality that believes in peace and love and smoking ganja and worshipping the Emporer Haile Selassie in a ‘do as you feel’ kind of thing. That’s the half-truth. InI want the half of the story that was never told. So we’re going to get into here, because something is pulling the Light of Truth into a chasm of powerful gravity on this continent Australis. Who is Rastafari? What is Rastafari? Will the real Rastafari please stand up!

Media confusion

InI turn ones’ attentions to two articles (the only in mainstream press available on the internet at this time regarding Rastafari).
December 22nd 2011: “Rasta Uni student loses discrimination case”

March 15th 2013: “Rastafarians tell court drugs for religious use”

Read these two articles if you can. InI want to clarify the confusion Australia has regarding who and what Rastafari is. Hopefully, we can reverse the trend of ignorance here.
The only time InI have been mentioned here in the last few years has been in these two cases. This is shameless propaganda on behalf of the media here to demonize a people and their religion. But it reflects the greater disaster that Rastafari have not asserted InI self. By that we mean, we are asserting His Imperial Majesty (H.I.M).

First off, let’s refer to the first article “Rasta Uni student loses discrimination case”.
Jesos Adrian Parkes reportedly threatened to kill his university lecturer saying in an email “People that murder don’t just murder, a lot of planning goes into it. When you push a Rasta Man too far, destruction is unavoidable”. If this Jesus/Jesos was a Rastafari he would be observing the commands of the King and His Word which declares “Thou shalt not murder”.
On first appearance his name sparks some suspicion. We do not know who Jesos is. But his name is an interesting element to a bizarre story. Jesos is Jesus. InI declare Yeshua HaMoshiyah, Iyesus Kristos. NOT the White god of Rome they call “Jesus Christ” who is an imposter and not the Hebrew Israelite from Judea. More on that another time in this blog.

Second, the emphasis on his assertion that Jesos is a “part of the Rastafarian community”. What community are they talking about? A community is not a religious group. They didn’t say religious community. They just said “community”. Like a surfing community. Or a community of organic gardeners. This is the problem: Australian media is far too slow to recognize InI status as religious. Here they call Rastafari a “community” not a religion. Important legal term, and while InI fellow Rastafari assert our ‘living faith’ is not a religion, that’s because ones outside of HIM are not receptive enough to the subtle distinction InI make between Rastafari and worldy vain religious ritualisms. We call livity what Babylon calls religion. But as you do not speak our language, we translate the word as religion for you. Seen?

In the legal sense, Rastafari is a religion in the fullest sense of the word.
We have a God and obligations to HIM. Which is why the next article is very important:

(Source: Rastafarians tell court drugs for religious use) “Melia yesterday told the Albany District Court she needed the large crop because she and her partner each smoke 50 to 80 grams of cannabis a week as part of their Rastafarian faith.

Again, it’s named a faith not a religion.

We don’t know if this couple are actually Rastafari people. We won’t assert a bet here either way. But the point is the expression of our Human Rights, our religious freedom to use a herb given to us by the Almighty Jah as a sacriment to HIM. The point is not how much they were growing. The point isn’t the joint. The point is the expression of devotion to a god, THE TRUE AND LIVING GOD ON EARTH, that is denied by ultra-conservative spiritual police here. It seems to InI that if a religion does not fit the “White Australia” box, it must be cast aside.

I want to show you something that I saw a few months ago that will illustrate this point:
This is the logo for the website notourculture.org.au
InI overstand that Cannabis was not a part of Australian Indigenous Culture (that we know of to date). But Cannabis was an integral part of White Eurpoean and White Australian Culture throughout history. Whites did not use it as a religious sacrament, but certainly an economic staple. Europeans depended on cannabis for their survival. For more info read about Sir Joseph Banks. (Cannabis sativa seeds first arrived in Australia in 1788 on the First Fleet at the request of Sir Joseph. The blueprint for the New South Wales colony, approved by the British Cabinet in 1786, envisaged Australia as a commercial colony producing hemp. That means this country was originally intended to be a giant cannabis farm.) In 1892, the Department of Agriculture distributed Cannabis sativa seeds to hundreds of farmers in New South Wales as an experiment in the cultivation of hemp due to the high prices of binding-twine at the time. From 1840 to the early 1900s, Australians used cannabis as a medicinal herb and Cigares de Joy (cannabis cigarettes) were sold over the counter. Yes, joy cigars. Never a truer name for a joint given.

This is what the notourculture.org website states in the work called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’:
The use of smoke as a motif throughout the work on mirrors can provide a double meaning for the viewer. While there is a link to smoke as an aspect of cannabis use which has a negative effect of masking reality, there is a more profound connection to what smoke symbolises culturally. From a ritual perspective the smoking ceremony using gum leaves is for cleansing and represents a vital part of cultural strength, health and spirituality. The tension of holding these two perspectives provides the viewer with an opportunity to consider how they identify with smoke as they see themselves reflected in the context of the artwork.

What they described the gum leave smoking ritual to be for Australian blacks is the way Rastafari assert their kaneh bosm (cannabis) religious ritual. This is not something we call recreational. it is a sacriment because it is sacred.

Actually Indigenous Black Australians used psychoactive substances for religious experience – plant hallucinogens, such as those of the Duboisia genus called pituri. An article on this particular substance states:

Pituri was used to create managed states of consciousness, to provide (Aboriginal) youth with a fast-paced educational experience, and to inculcate values, beliefs and religious tenets. Use of the suggestible states created by such substances (particularly in pubertal initiatory rituals marking the transition to manhood) are part of this process, which contributes to cultural cohesiveness and survival; their effectiveness is due to the unique ability of the biochemical properties of the plant to evoke suggestibility in those who ingest them. This article draws on research about suggestibility as a psychological characteristic of altered states of consciousness as well as a normal human psychological phenomenon, and examines in great detail the use of the pituri plant, deriving data from a 100-item bibliography generated by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in Canberra. Botanical/chemical data on use of the Duboisia genus up to the end of the nineteenth century is examined, as well as the way in which this hallucinogen was utilized as a “psychotechnology.”


“What opium is to the Chinaman, what whiskey is to the Scotchman, so is pituri to the Western Blackfellow. It is his very soul – without it he has no life almost”


According to Wikipedia, smoke from the burning leaves is inhaled at ceremonies, such as male initiation rites, including circumcision, in part because of its anaesthetic properties and ability to induce altered states of consciousness. The dried leaves of Duboisia hopwoodii is also mixed with ash from Acacia species and chewed. Prior to European settlement in Australia, pituri was exported along trade routes and used by indigenous peoples far from central Australia, including Torres Strait Islanders.


Do some reading on pitui and Duboisia and scopolamine. We guess it is much more potent psychoactive than cannabis.

Australian drug policy is one that enforces the cultural imperialism of an entire continent. It is rational and serves a socio-political purpose to the State, but not a human rights service. Never the two shall meet here, it seems.
Where does that take you and InI?

While Indigenous Cultures (there are many here in Australia) are condenscended and patronized for political gain in Australia, there is something unsaid that must be said. The original Australian cultures are respected only up to the degree where their existence does not impede or impact the function and supremacy of the dominant White Culture. Indigenous practices are cut short wherever they superscede the White system or reject White intervention or their ‘improvements’ of the Black system. A case in point is the death penalty for murder amongst some of the tribes, or the rivalry and revenge that is enacted according to Indigenous laws here. InI are not very familiar with them, because we are not told plainly. We’re not saying the Indigenous laws are better or worse than Australian White Laws. InI have our own laws – Jah’s Torah given by the hand of the Ethiopian Moses- but we will admit this double standard nonetheless. The demonization of Cannabis here is interesting, because Black Australians are asked to reject cannabis because it’s “not cultural”. But, alcohol is not part of Black Australian culture either, yet emphasising that fact is neither politically correct or profitable for alchol companies here. The media speak against something they cannot market through footballers.

And InI know that White Australia loves a drink.

So we put forth our own propaganda:
Catholics use wine as a sacriment in their communion. InI rastafari people use herb (falsely called “Marijuana”). The Hebrew Israelites that came out of Egypt knew this plant by the name of Kaneh Bosm. It was so well known that it was sacred and used ONLY in the Holy anointing oil and incense of the Tabernacle. As we overstand InI bodies to be Living Tabernacles of the Spirit of Jah, we invoke our right and duty to partake of the herb in sacrement. So it might not be your culture but it is InI religious right. And that human right of free religious expression should not be ignored because of cultural bias. Or religious bias. We have separation of Church and State here in Australia, don’t we? So you cannot favour one faith or one religion above another. Regardless of the amount being grown there in Albany W.A, the arguement really is about religious tolerance and freedom in Australia. We are here to announce Rastafari and begin the proclamation with the cannabis subject. InI will go much deeper than that through.

The media tag has evolved from “Rasta” to “Rastafarians”. The media do not call the Pope by nicknames, i.e. “Pope Dicky” or “Pope Frankie”. So why do they call Our Father by nicknames i.e. “Rasta”? Because it cuts the respect out of the name. Tafari is Amharic for “Respect”. Ras Tafari means “Head to be respected”. We hope by the end of this, the proper name for InI and Our Godfather and King, Rastafari, will be named rightly in the Australian media.

Hopefully the recognition and respect of Indigenous cultures will eventually be a genuine reality in the Australian continent.

Check out part two, to come. Shalom

4 thoughts on “Rasta, cannabis, Australia: why the Land of Oz needs the Power of the Trinity Pt.1

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  2. I love this article! Bless!
    All cultures have had there herbs and herbs are good for all things, I feel the aboriginal people have respect for all plants, and are starting to understand its benefits

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