Shalom Rastafari! InI wanted to share a few images we have acquired through the grace of His Imperial Majesty to illustrate a point that ones are missing in the discussion of modern warfare. That is the often chimed notion that it is hypocritical for soldiers to pray before battle. Ones are missing the point – war is more often than not an act of worship. And seeing as so many people are involved in a cult of death -ignorantly or not- then war is the best place for their religiosity. Rastafari are in favour of prayer in wartime, depending on who’s side one is praying for.
In InI case, the incense of our tabernacles rises always to JAH RASTAFARI/YHWH ELOHIYM and that His Will is done here on this earth. But that is not so for the Papal Beast who get’s its authority from the Dragon. They do the will of their father, their papa was a murder and liar from the beginning. But we digress…

InI will not focus on the particulars of righteous prayers for protection and deliverance from evil here. What we’re concerned with in this segment is the Blackshirt mass, and then another boatload of Fascist Roman invaders ripping through the Red Sea upon the Saturnia.

blackshirt mass
[Caption: October 26th 1935 – Though the priest has to strike an incongruous note by wearing a pith helmet with his vestments, mass is said regularly aboard the Italian troopships which are still taking thousands of troops to the Abyssinian war zone. Photo shows: Mass aboard the Italian troopship Ganges passing through the Red Sea with men for the battlefront]

So very akin to the Egyptians, who drowned in the Red Sea coming after the (Black) Hebrew Israelites. This vessel was named for the god Saturn, the personification of Roman Time. Cronos was his Greek counterpart.


Wikipedia has this to say on Saturnalia – the festival dedicated to Saturn:

‘The Temple of Saturn in the Roman Forum housed the state treasury. In December, he was celebrated at what is perhaps the most famous of the Roman festivals, the Saturnalia, a time of feasting, role reversals, free speech, gift-giving and revelry. Saturn the planet and Saturday are both named after the god.’

And this again:

‘Saturn had two consorts who represented different aspects of the god. The name of his wife Ops, the Roman equivalent of Greek Rhea, means “wealth, abundance, resources.” (Note: Gives ‘Black Ops’ a new meaning, huh? Hands holding scythes and black resources ripe for the reaping – so they thought).

Could Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia been any more overtly Satanic? Apparently not. This is worship on the Roman warship (and there actually was, see the Blackshirt Mass picture below). If you want to overstand this point, naming the day Saturday is linguistically defacing the rightful name of the Seventh Day of the Week – that is, the sixth to Romans – that the Hebrew Ethiopians call Senbet from Hebrew Shabbat meaning ‘rest’. That is the rightful name of the day, because InI do not worship Saturn. That entity is not InI God and King of kings.

More from Wiki: ‘Earlier was Saturn’s association with Lua (“destruction, dissolution, loosening”), a goddess who received the bloodied weapons of enemies destroyed in war.’

‘The sickle or scythe of Father Time is a remnant of the agricultural implement of Cronus-Saturn, and his aged appearance represents the waning of the old year with the birth of the new, in antiquity sometimes embodied by Aion’.

saturnia 2

The Roman Grim Reaper rode the Red Sea waves to come harvest the treasure of the African Zion.
But, Death where is thy sting? Hell, where is thy victory?

More to come as JAH provides. Shalom Rastafari, dreadful love, Selassie I hath prevailed!

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