“Born in One love”? Perhaps if you’re NOT born from above!

You will see your mother again, Bob Marley’s widow tells Prince Harry

Quoting her late husband’s most famous hit, Rita Marley said the Prince had been born in “One Love”, and gave him a scarf worn by Marley on tour over the course of seven years.

[MMH Note: giving the British the spoils of their covert war?]

“She said: “Prince Harry‘s visit is a blessing. He is a very human boy, he was born in one love as we were born in one love. Harry is a gift from God. He spreads the love. I am giving him a letter in which I tell him how we will all see his beautiful mother again one day.”

[MMH: InI are definately NOT born in the One Love that the British Monarchy are born in. InI are born in the Fiqare Iyesus AKA Love of CHRIST YESHUA. We are born from above, reborn in Christ. We are the children of His Imperial Majesty Qedemawi Haile Selassie. We are NOT the children of the Prince of this world, whom they display on their ensign, the Red Dragon of Wales. Sorry Rita, but Melek Media House DO NOT agree with you calling Harry (the false Horace) coming to the Black Hebrews a blessing. His Imperial Majesty coming to Jamaica on Groundation Day April 21st 1966, that was a true blessing for the Jamaican people who are the Lost Black Sheep of the House of Israel. Selassie I has prevailed! And every man and woman who will not bow to H.I.M, including Prince Harry of England, will lose their crowns. Let the reptillian children of the Red Dragon go to their father, and let the lion cubs go to their Father and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. The choice is every one’s to make. As for InI and Melek Media House, we serve Jah Rastafari. Blessed be the man who comes in His New Name!]

A reasoning in collaboration with recent Lion of Judah Society upload Bunny Wailer EXPOSES 21st Century Reggae Jezebel, Was Bob Marley a Rasta-Type of Samson? Part 1

2 thoughts on “Rita Marley: “Born in One love”? Perhaps if you’re NOT born from above!

  1. MMH hope that even the British Monarchy repent of their Iscariot-style betrayal of Holy Judeo-Christian Ethiopia. Unlike most of the British, the royals do not have ignorance as a defence, though ignorance of the law is no defence (even) in Gentile courts. They can’t hide out in Buckingham. Jah sees all. And Jah’s mercy endures forever. The international conspiracy to eradicate the Davidic Monarchy is coming to light. The British could still repent of their prostitution with and prostration to the Papal Beast.

    The point of this blog was to highlight that no Rastafari elect – not even the House of Marley or those connected to them- should be parroting sickly-sweet ‘One Love’ slogans to the people guilty of murdering Diana, and co-conspiracy to destroy Haile Selassie I’s government. Rastafari is not pop-culture, it is not sub-culture. InI are going to rule this earth. This is the supra-culture of RasTeferi. To those who are given more, more is required. And the British Prince Harry has had the best education this World could offer a person, so he is in a position to defend David’s children if he so chooses. He is of age and accountable under the law.

    No amount of dancing in his little blue shoes will conceal what the British have done to His Imperial Majesty and His Royal family, including the Rastafari elect in general. Our saints have been martyred by them, including InI beloved Berhane Selassie.

    Jah’s Shofetim call for justice in righteousness.
    Put David’s children back on the throne of Africa!

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