Source: Arabia and the Isles, By Harold Ingrams with Foreword by Sir Bernard Reilly (Governor of Aden) printed by Wyman & Sons Ltd. London 1942

“I was glad to see the Comorros Islands, for they were extremely beautiful, but quite different from the coral islaes of Zanzibar and Pemba; they are not only much smaller but mountainous and volcanic. These physical differences apart, their civilization is an extension of Swahili and Arab cultures. They owe their name, so it is said, to the Qamr or Moon Mountains of the Mahra country (Oman/Yemen), and were settled by Jews in the time of Solomon, but later they were governed by the Persians who founded the states of the Zenj Empire”

(Photo above: Comorian women in Maroni)

It has become apparent to Melek Media House that the origins of the islanders throughout the Archipelagos of Zanzibar, the Comoros, Seychelles, Reunion and Mauritius are not always slave-trade related. There are people that inhabited Zanzibar before the Persians or Arabs arrived, and they were not Bantu peoples. Till now, noone can account for their origins, but ancient (Roman/Greek) sources described them as being a brown/red African type with links to Egypt. MMH suggest that they were/are Afro-Semetic Kushites, Hebrew Israelites, who have their origins in Jerusalem and not in the Bantu areas of inner East Africa (Congo etc.) Essentially, the Indian Ocean island territories were settled by Black Jews and their identity has been lost in the Arabization and Islamicization of the people by Persian and Arab peoples. Zanzibar is one of the most colonized countries in history, being controlled by Persians, Arabs, Portuguese, British and German foreign governments respectively. There are a lot of layers to peel back to find the Hebrew identity of the original islanders. More to come on this topic as Jah provides. Shalom Rastafari!

2 thoughts on “Hebrews of the Indian Ocean: Comoros Swahili Jews?

  1. In much the same way that the European colonial powers, especially the British, carried place names from the UK throughout their empire (New York, New South Wales, New Orleans etc.) the Hebrews took names from their former homes and dispersed them throughout Africa.

    The Comoros being named for the QAMR Mountains (Moon Mountains) is interesting, as that region is historically connected to Sheba and Makeda’s palace sits in ruins in Oman to this day. Oman/Yemen border was always very elastic. The two peoples are not so different, Omanis being more mixed in with the Iranians/Persians and Yemenis being mixed with Ethiopians. Both regions had a high population of Israelites at one time (and probably still).

    This connection is striking, because there are many Hebrewisms latent throughout the Indian Ocean African islands. Noone can account for certain mythologies that exist, especially the Swahili people who say King Solomon visited Pemba (near Mombasa, Kenya) and that the islands were the spice plantations of Makeda/Balqis (being called the Spice Islands to this day). They also practice rituals which are mentioned in details in the Scriptures as being connected to Ashtoreth/Baal worship, and the exact replication of these rituals is too coincidental to be pure chance.

    Jah mentions islands very much in the prophetic writings of Davidic Psalms and Isaiah. We will add more information when Abba reveals it to us. Shalom

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