Rastafarians gather at Jamaica conference to hash over slavery reparations

‘KINGSTON, Jamaica — Dozens of Rastafarians gathered in Jamaica on Wednesday to brainstorm ways of pressuring European countries to pay reparations for slavery and talk about other core beliefs of the homegrown faith.’

[MMH: No Rastafari have core “BELIEFS” only the foundation of AMEN in Christ. Reparations in mind, there are also certain economic injustices which must be ammended before reparations will benefit the Ethiopia Dispora (AKA Africans in the West, as all sub-Egyptian Africa was once known from Sudan to South Africa to Angola) to the extent they should. To this day, foreign (European) financial systems and organisations control Africa’s trade, resources, currency and economic policies. Perhaps, the OAU could collaborate with Rastafari people in demanding reparations for the Ethiopian Diaspora to guide the funds towards productive projects. It would be in an Imperial Ethiopia that reparations would find their greatest developmental power, or else, an Africa that has the spiritual vision of it’s greatest visionary, the Father of Modern Africa Haile Selassie the First.
MMH will follow this story closely – the Hebrews did not leave Egypt empty handed. Shalom Rastafari]

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