MMH would like to pause here before we continue.
There are some fundamental questions that must be asked concerning the establishment of the Kingdom of the God of Heaven (Daniel 2:44).

1. If the rest of the Great Image (Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron, Iron+Clay) points to real political kingdoms that existed throughout history, why is the ‘Kingdom of God’ supposed to be a spiritual government only? Are not all governments spiritual i.e do not all nations have their own gods, and all governments and systems practice devotion to those gods?

2. If the Kingdom of the God of Heaven is NOT a literal political “kingdom”, how will it smash the Roman government who crucified Christ the Son of God? If the Romans were seemingly unaffected by the Messiah’s spiritual teachings then in Yeshua’s time, what makes the Roman system less resistant now to these teachings. How will ‘Christ theology’ alone smash their Great Image in judgment and give literal transfer of power (World Government) to the saints of the Most High?

3. If Israel (the fleshly Afro-semetic descendants of Jacob, not the Khazarian converts) were promised the restoration of their political kingdom in a future time, as Christ confirmed it to be restored to them in Acts 1:6, why do most Bible interpreters insist that the Kingdom-Stone that smashes the Roman feet is not a political body cut out of Biblical Israel?

4. If the Stone becomes a ‘great mountain’ to fill the whole earth, would this not be the promise made to Abraham in Genesis that his seed would becomw as the stars and sand of the sea (innumerable)?

Let’s continue to meditate on these things as we read Scofield’s notes:

“From the ‘head of gold’ (v.38) to the ‘iron’ of the fourth kingdom (Rome) there is deterioration in fineness, but increase in strength (v.40). Then comes the deterioration of the ‘fourth kingdom’ in that very quality: stength.

(i) Deterioration by divison: the kingdom is divided into two, the legs (Eastern and Western empires), and these are again divided into kingdom, the number of which when the stone smites the image will be ten (toes, v.42; cf. Daniel 7:23-24).

(ii) Deterioration by admixture, the iron of the Roman imperium mixed with the clay of the popular will, fickle and easilly moulded. This is precisely what has come to pass in the constitutional monarchies, which, with the Republic of France and the despotism of Turkey, cover the sphere of ancient Roman rule.”

Scofield Reference Bible, First Edition, page 901, notes on Daniel 2

The Ten Toes and the coninciding ‘Club of Rome’ redivision of the world into Ten ‘states’
Prior to the Club of Rome, no geopolitical map had been drawn that defined ‘Ten Roman Kingdoms’, fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy. (The Club of Rome was officially founded in 1968 by Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist, and Alexander King, a Scottish scientist.) Rastafari was still the official soveriegn of Ethiopia at that time – he was “deposed” in 1974.

Thus, Rastafari revelation occurred within the given prophetic timeframe;
“In the days of these ten kings…”

MMH note: it appears this “Arab Spring” was more than just “democratic revolution” in Middle Eastern -“left leg”- former Byzantine Roman kingdom. The clay/iron admixture manifested the innate inconsistancy of modern Roman government i.e the contradiction of democratic ideology with the reality of Gentile fascist governance. The Roman fasci are on Gentile documents announcing the supremacy of the Roman imperium throughout this Gentile world system. Brute force remains the only power Rome has to coagulate the people they control. The King of kings forms and powers His government through his Haile, which is the love of Yeshua or the fiqare iyesus; only fear keeps the wheels of the Roman chariot spinning.

Let’s look one last time at what Scofield has to say on this prophecy:
“The passage fixes authoritatively the time relative to other predicted events, when the kingdom of the heavens will be set up. It will be “in the days of these ten kings,” i.e the days of the ten kings (cf. Daniel 7:24-27) symbolized by the toes of the image. That condition did not exist at the advent of the Messiah, nor was it even possible until the dissolution of the Roman empire, and the rise of the present national world-system. Matthew 3:2 (note defining the Kingdom of Heaven). Verse 45 repeats the method by which the Kingdom will be set up.”

It seems the best is yet to come.

Continued in part four, shalom Rastafari

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