This is the image the Hebrew boys refused to worship.
Santa is the idol of Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian cult.

Let’s look at Nebuchadnezzar’s name etymology in Strong’s:
Strong’s H5020 Nĕbuwkadnetstsar (Aramaic) Nebuchadnezzar =
May Nebo protect the crown

Take note, Strong said “The signification of the name appears to me to be, the prince of the god Mercury“.

Wiki entry on Mercury says this:
He is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld. His name is possibly related to the Latin word merx (“merchandise”; compare merchant, commerce, etc.), mercari (to trade), and merces (wages). Christmas season is all about trading, commerce and merchantile endeavors.

Strong’s also says a possible translation is, “Nebo is the god of fire“.
Now we know why Nebuchadnezzar threw the Hebrews in the furnace! They were being sacrificed to Nebo, and this is why YHWH saved them with such awesome spectacle. He was declaring that He has more power than the fire of Nebo and His people will not be food for that demon. The event was a sign to the Chladeans who could read such symbolic language, and a direct message to Nebuchadnezzar that YHWH is not a God to be mocked, and it is He who gave the crown and kingdom to Nebuchadnezzar. Our God is the consuming Fire!

The Wiki entry on Nebo AKA Nabu says this:

Nabu was the god of writing and scribes and was the keeper of the Tablets of Destiny, in which the fate of humankind was recorded.  Nabu later became one of the principal gods in Assyria and Assyrians addressed many prayers and inscriptions to Nabu and named children after him (MMH: Babylonian children write letters to “Santa” too. That is like writing a prayer inscription to an idol).

Nabu is accorded the office of patron of the scribes, taking over from the Sumerian goddess Nisaba. His symbols are the clay writing tablet with the writing stylus. He wears a horned cap, and stands with hands clasped, in the ancient gesture of priesthood. He rides on a winged dragon (mušhuššu, also known as Sirrush) that is initially Marduk’s.


Wiki continued: “The etymology of his name is disputed. It could be derived from the root nb´ for “to call or announce”, meaning something like “He who has called”. In late Babylonian astrology, Nabu was connected with the planet Mercury. As the god of wisdom and writing, he was equated by the Greeks to either Apollo or Hermes, the latter identified by the Romans with their own god Mercury.”

What does everyone in the West do when they hear or sing “Christmas carols”?
They conjure the entity known as Santa. Suddenly this bearded stranger becomes the focus of their lives; the spend money so their children will get “present from him”, they sing hymns (Christmas songs) and images of Santa are everywhere! If you do not participate in this idolatry, you are thrown into a strange fire of social and commercial exclusion.
People are ‘scalded’ for telling children Santa is not real. Lies are promoted for the sake of the commercial cult of Christmas.


The image of “Santa” has been exported throughout the world; the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East. Where images of Christ are forbidden, Santa is exceptable. Nebo is the idol of Babylon. Ethiopian Hebrews have no business using this image in any celebration of the nativity of Geta Iyesus Kristos. Rastafari people take note: the Nebo cult is a trap for the children of Israel. Don’t let the tinsel, lights or shitty Christmas music suck your Rastafari lijoch into this idolatry. Selassie I children do NOT need Santa, InI have SELASSIE I!
Stand firm in the feiry furnace: Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah fireproof Judeans!

Nabu is mentioned in the Nevi’im of the Tanakh as Nebo in Isaiah 46:1

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