A Baldwin State Prison inmate filed a federal lawsuit Thursday alleging his rights have been violated by prison guards who have forced him to cut the “sacred dreadlocks” he grew as a follower of the Rastafarian faith.

Bryan Kawand Sims is seeking relief that will allow him to grow his hair 3 feet and to have a 1-inch “patch” on his chin, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia…

Sims claims he is forced or threatened to cut his hair and shave weekly.

[MMH note: this Ethiopian Hebrew is being denied his Human Right to religious freedom and expression. On behalf of the global Rastafari people, we extend full support to the brother who has been forced to take litigious action against the illegal and unlawful removal of his religious identity. His locks are clearly recognized in the Bible (Book of Numbers, Chapter 6, verse 5) sworn on by all people entering US courts. Will follow this story and pray for the wendim and all InI who are in Roman custody at this time. Shalom]

2 thoughts on “Georgia (US) inmate sues State for forcibly cutting his dreadlocks and beard

  1. Christ should be his identity, not the locks on his head. The ruling for shaving and hair cutting is to keep the incidence of disease down in the prison system. To grow ones locks is to grow their strength in the Lord as did Samson, which is dependance on the Father for all things.

  2. Greetings Tina, thanks for the I’s comment.

    InI over stand the issue of disease control in USA prisons. Yet this is no excuse to deny a person their Jah-given Human Rights. If the US prison-industrial complex wishes to prevent and control disease, they would not incarcerate men like swine herded in dirty pens and instead avoid the cause of disease (people herded in close quarters always spread disease. This is what kills most prisoners in concentration camps, refugees in refugee camps, etc).

    The identity of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel has been deliberately concealed and occluded by European Gentile political systems for hundreds of years. Rastafari reveal the truth. Through misinformation and outright lies, the Black Children of Abraham have been unaware of their own identity and are enslaved by a Gentile world-view. Without knowledge they perish – as Jah said in Hosea 4:6. His People must manifest their own spiritual identity. Which is Christ, yes. But the Lamb is a dreadlocked Nazarite. As are His disciples.

    We cannot separate the ritual from the metaphysical. We cannot separate type from antitype. Should people be denied their rights to be baptised because it is ‘just a symbol of Christ’s death’? Babylon is a Queendom built up on symbolism and rituals! The whole world is spellbound by Harlot mystery sorcery coming in the form of rituals and symbolism, of which clothing and ‘style’ are very powerful tools. We unbind the captives with Jah word and works.

    Jah Children have Human Right to manifest their spiritual religious and cultural identity without compromise. If a Rastafari one wills to lock their head (Ras) as part of their religious practice, then that person is to practise their MAMEN (Amen/Faith) with dreadlocks on their head as Nazarites of Jah. In or out of the Babylonian prison shitstem.

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