Shalom and welcome to Melek Media House once again.


For those who are not versed in the Semetic languages, Melek is ‘King’ and connected to ‘Malik’ or angel/messenger.
For InI, the King of kings is the most powerful messenger we have been blessed with in our spiritual, iritical trod.

For those who are currently wondering about this religion called Rastafari or meditating on Rastafari reality, even if you have not entered into His livity, Melek Media House would like to offer this smal witness to the power of the Power of the Trinity – Haile Selassie I.

Before the unveiling of our eyes to reveal the Conquering Lion of Judah, we were often melancholy at the earth situation. We had accepted Jesus Christ, not in knowledge of His tribal heritage as a Black Judean man, but we had accepted Him as the saviour. We had acepted and become knowlegeable on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelations. We knew this world is bust. But, the political confusion, the Roman Papal-Freemasonic Matrix of corruption, mankind’s slavery, the rampant Satanism… the knowledge of it all gave InI no joy in Christ. In fact, it compounded the slavery we were in. You see, amongst occult guerilla soldiers, a tactic of enslaving your targets is to tell him what you’ve done to him. Giving a man knowledge of his bondage doesn’t free him. It actually makes him ‘doubly-bound’, because if he doesn’t choose freedom from then on, he’s volunteered to remain a slave. Knowledge can’t free you, only love can. So what did Ras Tafari give to InI?
He gave us a choice. He gave us Zion.

Haile Selassie I gave us the only alternative to this demonically controlled world we live in. Without His Imperial Majesty, no alternative to the Babylon system exists. His Majesty gave InI an alternative culture, a pure language, he gave us a people ‘the new race’ in HIM, a country, and an identity that is beyond, higher and totally independant of what Babylon had given us as the chattel property of the Beast. Rastafari has given us a fuller love of Christ, Iyesus the son of Mariam. He has displayed that Holy Love (Fiqare Iyesus) perfectly. He testified to the Bible with its correct gnosis. He has conquered the world as its rightful ruler, the Son of David. And he has given every Rastafari person the choice to come out of Babylon and enter Zion, to be living citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Not post-mortem Christianity, but Rastafari livity!

So if you ask MMH this question ‘Why do you need Haile Selassie when we have Jesus Christ?’ you need to tell InI whereabouts in all the current Christendom there is an alternative to Babylon? It does not exist. There is no brotherly love amongst the Papal children. They are sons of their father ‘Papa’ and do his will. The sons and the daughters of the Neguse Negast love one another as their own soul. This love commandment we have received from our Father, Abba Kiddus Tafari. And without His Imperial Majesty, Qedemawi Haile Selassie I, there would be no Rastafari corporate body to reveal His perfect Will on earth as it is in heaven, Zion.

Without HIM there is no One Love. No One Drop. No Exodus.
Without HIM there is no African independance. No Black Hebrew renaissance. No African consciousness.
With HIM InI conquer Babylon system. And we watch Babylon fall in peace within the borders of His Sovereignty.

May His Name be praised. Holy, Holy, Holy, Jah Amlak Almighty!

4 thoughts on “What Haile Selassie has done for InI: MMH witness Rastafari

  1. Greetings MMH,

    This reply is not fully related to the content of this post…

    InI have noticed your post on RastafariGroundation about Permaculture – I am not yet a member of RastafariGroundation, but should be soon.

    InI have learnt to grow plants using ‘companion planting’. After coming across these 2 verses in scripture I am not certain of the situation;

    Lev 19:19

    Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender wih a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee.

    Deu 22:9

    Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with divers seeds: lest the fruit of thy seed which thou hast sown, and the fruit of thy vineyard, be defiled.

    Companion systems do work very well – but InI don’t want to go against Yahh, InI need help on figuring out the situation.

    So is a companion system is going against Yahh?

    Also, a great testimony to Qedamawi Haile Selassie 1st – without HIM we would be a small people with even less in common-union.

    Shalom Arron.

  2. Shalom Arron, thanks for posting this comment. You brought up an important point here. InI will meditate on it further, the only thing we can say is that Yashua is the Torah, so look at those passages with the veil taken off your eyes and see Him in that text. Seed had a few meaning in the old testament. Check Ezra 9:2.

    In this case, ‘mingled’ immediately calls to mind the GMO genetic engineering practice of crossing species that do not naturally cross. Also, if you are doing permaculture, you aren’t ‘mingling’ per se, because you mix species that are not for harvest. Putting to harvest crops together is different to planting a harvest crop, a legume for nitrogen fixn and a pest repellent, seen? If InI only harvest one of those three, there’s only one ‘sown crop’.

    We won’t mark the word with our own misunderstanding though. MMH pray on it as always. Let’s continue the reasoning here and RTG.

  3. Shalom to Melek Media House! Selamta, Greetings Beloved Sistren, This is Wendim YadOn! How is thee I?! Great Works thee has share and contributed to INI Rastafari within these pages here and it is so good to be able to read it and be refreshed by the inspirations of the Spirit of Truth contained herein. Kindly link INI cos it has been a moment too long and we shall enjoy hearing from thee ASAP!
    INI shall go and check again on RTG! Misgana, Give Thanks! May JAH Bless Thee and Keep Thee! May JAH Cause His Face to Shine Upon INI and Give INI YESHUA SHALOM! Glory to Our ABBA-Father QHS Always and in all His Way! Amen.

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