Shalom and greetings in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the tri-une AMLAK (God) SELASSIE!
MMH want to post a quick note, a seed of a reasoning as we are inspired to illustrate this after meditation today.

How can Christ be God AND Man?

First off, the carnal man cannot perceive or overstand the things of Jah. So kill the carnality. Ones have to stop using their physical senses to see Jah and instead, start using the spiritual senses. If you don’t have them, Jah is a gracious rewarder to those who seek H.I.M

Back on topic. God AND Man. So many ones struggle with this foundation. This is the stone of stumbling to so many, especially those in the Islamic camp who think Allah is seperate from his human creation that they are never able to become intimate and in relationship with that diety. We see Jah like Jacob (Yacob)saw Jah at Peniel (face to face). We see Jah like Abraham saw HIM when He arrives at Abraham’s tent as Selassie God Man and ate food with our patriarch in faith. So Jah the Almighty Selassie (Trinity) can manifest on the physical plane as a man with a body. He does this often in scripture.

You know readers, InI aren’t pantheists; we don’t think Jah is bound within the frameworks of His own creation. He exists outside the universe’s space-time continuum. No man eminates from a Diety. That is what Hinduism is. And this is what Rastafari is not. Haile Selassie I teaches no man eminates from deity!

InI talk often about our God and King. We proclaim His Imperial Majesty is divine God King! How?
For this cause: Christ is God and Man. Tewahedo faith of Holy Ethiopia teaches this. That we become one (tewahedo) Iyesus Kristos is one with His Father Abba and we are made one in the Son and thus one with the Abba also. Through the grace of Jah and His Son’s obedience, we are made one with the Almighty through His Holy Spirit, the Irie Irit.

Want a physical example of tewahedo?

How is it possible that a sperm and an egg (ovum) cell can fuse to become a seperate person with it’s own identity? You know how? When the sperm hits the eggs cell there’s a surge of bioelectricity that transforms the two elements, and the energy quickens the two cells to fuse and become one. InI had a Christian doctor tell us years ago that the electric surge is measureable and he used to call it ‘Ishkra’ (Polish for ‘spark’). He said that was the Holy Spirit breath of life going into the cell.

That’s as close an example of the tewahedo kingciple we can see in the natural dimension. InI are fully of our earthlymother,  fully of our earthly father, but InI are “me”, individual man.

Likewise Christ is God and Man perfect unity of the Divine and the Human.
His Imperial Majesty is Christ in His Kingly Character. He is divine!

Shalom Rastafari!

5 thoughts on “God AND Man? Divine Majesty in Christ, the Tewahedo reality

  1. Greetings and respect to you. Thank you for this blog, it is a useful source of information for me on the Rastafari religion, which I am currently very interested in. I would like to address, with respect, your comment regarding Hinduism in this post, as that is my background. The concept of God in Hinduism is such that he is both “with form” but simultaneously “without form”. This means that he is both manifested in the world in all the created forms we see around us, but at the same time is not of this world at all, he stands behind all creation and is the principle behind all creation. He is responsible for not only the creation, but also the maintenance and destruction of the world. In this case, remembering that destruction refers merely to destruction of limited, time bound, mortal forms. If this multifaceted nature seems contradictory, there is a simple answer to that, which is that god is beyond all logic and contradictions. His true nature cannot be perceived by our limited human intelligence, unless we raise up our consciousness through various means. God, in this view of the world, manifests himself in the world from time to time as a man as part of his role in protecting, uplifting and maintaining his creation, yet he remains aloof from creation at the same time. Those manifested divine beings are therefore both God and man, in exactly the same way as you have described in your post. I therefore don’t think it is accurate to say that man comes from Deity in Hinduism. In fact, what you have described in your post about how Jesus can be both God and man sounds very close to the Hindu way of thinking on this subject. By the way, did you know that Hindus also have a tradition of using herb as a sacrament, and we hold it in high esteem? For this and other reasons I am interested in the Rastafari religion. Rejection of white/Babylonian society feels “right”. Rejection of polluting foods and substances feels “right”. Shalom.

    • Shalom Abhi, thanks for commenting. We can only offer our current gnosis on topics, and Hinduism is something we must study more. The theology of the Hindus-Cush people came from Egypt/Sudan AKA Ethiopia to ancient people – India was often confused by Europeans to be Ethiopia. India is connected to Sheba.

      “(God) is beyond all logic and contradictions. His true nature cannot be perceived by our limited human intelligence, unless we raise up our consciousness through various means.”

      That word logic means word, tand the Logic or Logos of God is Yeshua the Black Christ of Nazareth. He is the key to perceiving (seeing) Jah face to face. He raises up our consciousness through the annointing of the Holy Spirit. That is Christ – “anointed” with Holy oil AKA Holy Spirit. That oil is the fuel of the divine fire which is Jah HIMself. Yeshua said there is no other way man can be saved but by Him. He is the door, He is the Way to God the Father, His Imperial Majesty, Abba Kiddus. He raises us. We cannot raise our consciousness ourselves – that is why He is called our saviour. It is His grace that saves us.

      Rastafari proclaim this. We are blessed to be able to give some light on this ‘religion’ or better, our livity in Christ.

      We are aware the Saddhus use herb to worship Shiva. This also goes back to ancient Ethiopia and Egypt.

      Please feel free to educate InI where we are not knowledgable or publish misinformation. Shalom Abhi

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