” At Geneva he appealed in vain before the League of Nations. With all the force of a mystic prophet, he spoke of the doom which was hanging over the smaller nations. You abandoned me in my hour of need, and now you will soon see the end of all the small countries of the world. His voice was tired, but proud and clear; his faith in his people, in future events, and in himself was inabounded. In five years I shall regain my throne, he said.

On the three hundred and sixty-fifth day of the fourth year he re-entered Addis Ababa on a white charger. Haile Selassie is a mystic, a psychic, and a prophet. His gift of prophecy is uncanny. As a child he surprised and astonished the Jesuit priests at Harrar, under whom he studied, with this strange gift”

(MMH note: Yeshua HaMoshiyach also astonished the Rabbis that He spoke with when being tutored as a boy in Luke 2:46-48 ‘And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions. And all that heard him were astonished at his understanding and answers… And when they saw him, they were amazed.’ Therefore there is another clear connection between the Father and Son.)

Prorok continues: ‘How he survived the fogs and cold of Britain I shall never understand, unless it was that his faith in his destiny kept him alive. When I saw him at Bath he had a racking cough and was living in penury. It made me very angry when people said that he had left his native land carrying chests of gold. He took with him only the sacred verses of his Church. The few thousand thalers he did take were gone in six months – given to his faithful followers. His servents received the last of his family jewels.

Haile Selassie possesses great pride, courage, and a strong feeling of race. He was both insulted and shocked when he was offered a fabulous sum for his memoirs while he was in England, and though he was nearly destitute, he refused. He was so poor that he could not afford coal to heat his house in England, and the tradesmen dunned him for the modest sums he owed.

Some writers have stated that Haile Selassie was cruel, but that is not true. Some of his leaders were Fascist-minded – especially after civilization had brought poison gas and tanks to Ethiopia, along with the ruthless bombing and machine-gunning by young Mussolini and Count Ciano – but never Haile Selassie HIMself.

Coming from a long line of rulers, some peaceful, some great fighters, some mystics fanatically religious, Haile Selassie has the bravery of an intellectual. He hates war and cruelty, but for sheer physical courage there has been no one like HIM since Richard the Lion-heart.

He has been lenient with the traitors who betrayed HIM, particularly with his brother-in-law, who acted as a puppet ruler for the Italians and is known as the Judas of Ethiopia.’

(MMH note:the writers have iyarically translated ‘him’ to HIM where InI see good to do so)

This is an exerpt of pages 154-160 from the work ‘Dead Men Do Tell Tales’ by Byron von Prorok, published by George Harrap & Co, London 1942.

One thought on “Dead Men Do Tell Tales: Byron de Prorok meets Haile Selassie I (exerpt)

  1. Hey great story, we were not going to do it, but selecting this article to read makes it clear we have too. We had thought to record concerning the inverted colors of Our flag during time of war, and Our Majesties promise to return before He even left, and His declaration of being both a Father and a Son! thanks

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