Saudi persecuation of Ethiopians: riots in Riyadh

(MMH note: The following is lifted from a discussion at the bottom of the article in Arab News):

Saudi people were illegal Migrate to Ethiopia in 614-615 and after they explained the persecution by their government in Mecca, they were treated as human. Nobody killed them, Nobody beaten them, and Nobody rapped them. In March 4, 2013, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince Saud Al-Faisal, has said: “The first Hijra (migration) in Islam was to Ethiopia (Abyssinia), and the ties between the people of the two countries have had a long standing and prestigious history”

Now in the 21st century by the name of illegal immigration, Saudi people and government are targeting Ethiopians. They have hate and disrespect to Ethiopians. Based on social media posted pictures and videos, they are doing all barbaric inhuman beatings, rape and killing the defenseless Ethiopian immigrants. Arab youth are raping Ethiopian women for the reason of their immigration status.’

Al Sahabiyah testified to the mercy and compassion of Christian Axum, Holy Christian Ethiopia. Saudi’s need a history lesson. They were illegally entering the Axumite Empire during their Hejjirah but the Negus of the Ethiopians gave them amnesty and asylum. They were embraced by Christian Ethiopians. 

Now Saudi Arabians are torturing, raping, and brutally murdering Ethiopians because they do the very thing Al Sahabiya were doing in 614-615 AD. The Prophet of Islam made it clear to Muslims: LEAVE ETHIOPIA AND ALL ETHIOPIANS UNMOLESTED.

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