Greetings in the name of Qedemawi Haile Selassie and His Empress, Menen Asfaw. Aleph Tau Iternally lives and reigns.

MMH want to address an issue that is ‘cropping up’ so-to-speak in secular Roman society – the Homosexual Marriage Rights movement. After seeing the recent news stories this week and our meditations on these ‘headlines’, we feel it’s worth going into this topic to open in up for some reasoning. We don’t claim to speak for all Rastafari. This is an invitation for reasoning on the subject and to expand the consciousness of our community collectively, wether in Africa or abroad. This is something that must be addressed iritically. Regardless of InI personal opinions, we declare ‘Jah will done on earth as it is in heaven’. As long as that is agreed on, we can move forward in the irit of love and truth.

This week (Anglican Archbishop) Desmond Tutu expressed (see our previous blog here) that he would ‘rather go to hell than worship a Homophobic god’. It is his opinion that gay marriage rights are on par with the racial downpression of the South African people in the Apartied era. Let’s check this in InI minds for further study. It smells of Balak/Balaam stumbling-block philosophy/sorcery. More on that later.

In the sincere love of Christ, we say this statement of Tutu’s is anti-Christian. No person who is in Christ wishes to rebel against the will (thelema) of their Heavenly Father. If our Father says something, InI SHEMA (hear/listen) to His voice. It is the foundation of Israelite reality – ‘Shema Israel!’.

The Anglican appropriation of Greco-Roman culture is not surprising, because the Anglophone people are Romans. They had a minor schism from the Roman Catholic Papacy, but the historical breach has been repaired by the eucumenical operations of the ‘Vatican II’ Papacy. Protestantism is almost dead. The children have gone back to their Roman mother. And as Christ-Ras Africans, Rastafari people declare complete independace from the Roman throne. Desmond Tutu is a Roman in spirit, his spiritual Father is the Pope.

That being said, we are not on a tangent here. It is important to realize that the issue is crucial as we seek to work in this world, though we are not of it.

If a person is not a Hebrew Israelite, they are not bound to the terms of covenant that our people are bound to. Non-Israelites were always lawless according to the Torah – Gentile or Nations did not have the covenant that Jah’s people Israel had. They were outlaws. This is not condemnation. Actually the opposite. Israelites were only aware of sin unless there in law. Therefore, non-Israelites did not have to observe the command to abstain from Homosexuality and to be killed as punishment for such actions:

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.
Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Rastafari are not going to put anyone to death for homosexuality. The law was fulfilled in Moshiyah and He has fulfilled its requirements with Himself, both in life and in death and resurrection. But note thiscrucial point: this command was given in Leviticus, exclusively to the Israelite tribes.

Let’s observe something else. Homosexuality was comparible to eating shell fish and pork or not remembering the Sabbath. So if InI are doing these things, and we want to adhere to Torah legalism, InI  must carry the penalty for these sins also. There can be no hypocracy in Jah’s true church.

MMH point this out because this law was only given to Hebrew Israelite people. It was non-applicable to any Gentiles that we know. Romans and Greeks were not Hebrews and thus, Romans and Greeks were not required to observe the Torah commandments. They were uncircumcised and not Bar Mitzveh (‘son of the commandments’ or ‘son of the law’) and the Romans and Greeks had not been initiated into the Torah requirements. This is why the early Christians (who were Black Judeans AKA Black Jews) had such trouble accepting Gentiles i.e WhiteGreco-Roman people into the faith. They were uncircumcized goyim (heathen) accepting the living fulfillment of a theocratic law (Torah) that they never had to fulfill in the first place and that they were never cursed by. Yet the Gentiles were persuaded of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. They saw the love of the Apostle Church and wanted to come into the Israelite nation. The same thing has happened since the Lion of Judah was coronated in 1930, and this is the roots of the ‘White Rastafari’ presence here.  Israel was called to shine the light of Jah in the world. They failed miserably and only in and through the Black Messiah have they been able to illuminate ad bless Mankind as Jah wanted them to all those years ago.

As Rastafari, we stand behind the Davidic Monarchy, which is to say, we stand behind the theocratic government of the God of David (Imperial Ethiopia) and thus the throne of the God of Israel. Theocratic, becuase it is the Spirit of the Most High that rules the throne, as the Lamb is in the midst of the throne. It is iritical government. That means, we will our Father’s will to be done on earth. He did not will His people to practice the things of the heathen (Gentile nations). Our concern is with Israelites, not Romans and Greeks. Their institutions are not relevant to Israelites, such as their idols and temples, therefore their civil union or civil marriage constructions are irrelevant to Israel as a people. We do not recognize them because we are not a secular people. It is the imposition of Gentile practices and attitutudes upon InI that concerns Rastafari. If we call ourselves by His Name, we must do as He does. InI reflect our Father.

The purpose of Jah forbidding Homosexuality for Hebrews has much higher significance than mere prejudicial sex-policing. Human sexuality, as Moses overstood, is not merely a physical action. Sex has psycho-spiritual function, which is why he told us that ‘The two of them shall become one flesh’. Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh. Christ and His Bride, the Church. There are invisible but highly energetic forces at work during the act of procreation. It is sacred to InI. In the complete wellness (or tamam) of the Hebrew livity, we are to be priests and prophets and kings to our Jah. Whatever Homosexuality does to people, it surely interupts man’s triune iritical connection to Jah. He would not forbid it unless there were negative physical, mental and spiritual consequences for people doing this. That death which people experienced under the curse of the Law of Moses is happening to them onw spiritually and they perhaps don’t even realize it. The full and perfect Jah consciousness cannot be attained when practicing such things. For reasons even InI do not yet fully overstand, homosexual sex is damaging to mankind’s irituality. And as we seek to become as He is, PERFECT in the tewahedo of Christ, we reject the practice.

This is why we maintain our position that it is sin, but do not advocate any kind of violence against Homosexuals. Christ came for His Lost Sheep, the Black Sheep of the Beta Israel. He never condemned the people, but He calls them to repentance and to life more abundant. If we want the fullness of receiving Christ, we must give up things that harm InI spirit and soul and body. Better to enter life with a member missing than go to Sheol with all vice in tact. Rastafari must faithfully acknowledge the spiritual position and defend African-Israelite iritical-sexuality without interfering in Gentile political decisions. We must speak the truth, but not impose our livity on those who will not receive HIM.

We declare that the thing of man lying with mankind is harmful to all man and womankind. It harms the individual, the family, and the nation as a whole. And we are free to speak such things, because the Scriptues clearly show this to be true and Biblical. We make our wills obedient to good influences. Jah says it is death. We cannot enter Zion and practice sexual vice, or any lust, or covetousness, hate, envy, slander, or any manner of fuckry. Kill the fuckry out the earth!

If we want to go to Zion then we must give these damaging things up and receive Christ. Otherwise we are welcome to go where Desmond Tutu wants to take us. InI a go forward to Zion. That is our road. We not career anyone off theirs if they like the broad way of death. Life is a straight and narrow thing, seen? Few are those who find it. Blessed be the man who is called by the Living Elohiym to live His Life. The perfect life.

Abba say: ‘To live in this healthy life, a Christian life, is what makes me follow Jesus Christ.” –Haile Selassie I
(Interview with Dr. Oswald Hoffman, 1968)

Shalom Rastafari

3 thoughts on “Homosexuals and Rastafari: an open reasoning

  1. Proverbs 6:16-19 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

    1. A proud look
    2. A lying tongue
    3. Hands that shed innocent blood
    4. An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations
    5. Feet that be swift in running to mischief
    6. A false witness that speaketh lie
    7. He that soweth discord among brethren

    The word ‘abomination’ is Hebrew תּוֹעֵבָה tow’ebah used in Leviticus 18:22.

  2. It’s amazing that Antoine Dodson started to see the truth. The Media down played it so much. Sin is accepted and celebrated while those who reject homosexuality are called ‘judgmental’.

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