Jamaican property developer Michael Lake destroys to “construct” housing upon the site of Pinnacle – otherwise known as the Howlites home in the mountains of JA.

Leonard P Howell was the original Rastafari in Jamaica – not in the world, that mantle would go to His Majesty’s subjects at home in Ethiopia. However, beloved elder man Leonard deserves honor from his people on the island Jamaica. Now “The First Rasta” has had the ultimate injustice by having his bones disturbed by machinery to build housing along the foothills. InI call on all Rastafari to direct ones attention and prayers and Binghi power towards the site. This is cleansing of the itangible and the real heritage of the people of Jamaica. No irit, no culture. No culture, you got Babylon. Fire burn it out everywhere.

Pinnacle InI keepin InI in I’s hearts and minds. Selassie I guide

One thought on “Rastafari I-tangible heritage crisis: Pinnacle Jamaica destroyed by JA developer?

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