Blessings in Christ, blessings in the name of the King of kings Qedemawi Haile Selassie. The Alpha, the Omega, the First and Last. The Elect of Igziabher. The Light of the World. May all find HIM through His Son. May Death pass over all the sons and daughters of Jah Rastafari as Death passed over the houses of the Hebrews in Egypt. Hell hath no sting or victory for InI. The Lamb has overcome, the Conquering Lion has Conquered. Haile Selassie!

We bring into InI heart, mind and soul the remembrance of Christ during this passover season. What He did for His people Israel during the Pesach, He was offered on their behalf. It is not with heavy heart, but with joy we remember this. Without the Son we would not have His Life. Death is not InI focus, even when commemorating it, because He lives internally in InI and all Creation. And as witnesses to this, Rastafari, Christians, Hebrews, and all Holy anointed people of Jah have and still suffer in the current Babylonian system.


“Bring In All Rastas, Dead Or Alive!” These are the infamous words of Sir Alexander Bustamante, national hero and first prime minister of independent Jamaica.

The events of the ‘Coral Gardens Uprising’ and state persecution of Rastafari mirror the events of the Pesach of Jah’s Son. Rastafari were hunted by Bustamante like the disciples of Christ were hunted by the Romans, who were really attack dogs for the Pharisees, Sadducees and Herodians. The controversy around the DREADLOCKS and COMBSOME groups (wether they would seek retribution or pursue forgiveness) reflects the account of one of Christ’s disciples taking a sword and cutting off the ear of the Roman soldier taking His Blameless Creator and Master into illegal detention. [Cutting off the ‘Shema’ ear from the soldier? Jah healed as He Wills all men to hear HIM.]

It seems the enemy of Jah likes to persecute His children in gardens. Been the same from Eden to Gethsemane (“The Oil Press”) to Coral Gardens, JA. Trod on from Gethsemane to Sheshemane brothers and sisters. HIM Kingdom come.
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Bad Friday documentary – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfpXJsB3QIc 

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