MMH call on Ethiopians to restore the Divine Monarchy of David!


The recent deaths of the two  leaders of Ethiopia, Abune Paulos , Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, have placed Ethiopia in the world news spotlight.  Though both men have been praised for their good works, the criticisms of both have caused many to see their death as the end of an era and the possible beginning of a new Ethiopia.

A careful read of the BBC News report (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-19328356)  of Zenawi’s passing shows that all is not well in Ethiopia, despite economic gains.  Suppression of democracy, imprisonment, torture and exile are the tools Zenawi used to maintain his rule.  Likewise, Paulos incurred the wrath of EOTC clerics and faithful when he accepted the post of Patriarch after the Marxist Mengistu regime fired the previous Patriarch, who did not approve of the Derg deposing  the Emperor, assasinating 60 of his loyal aides and imprisoning those…

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