Ghanaians take a stand against GMOs

Melek Media House commend the Rastafari community of Ghana – heeding Berhane Selassie’s call to ‘Get Up – Stand Up!’ and fight for their Jah-given rights. In this stance, the Rastafari demand a safe, organic food supply that guarantees itinual African generation – both plant, animal and man. 

Monsanto have been called out appropriately – Man Satan. Fire burn the GMO seeds and all evil inventions of the fallen mind. White Man brought cheap tricks to enslave the Gold Coast before (remember those cheap beads they sold InI?) Remember the rum. There is nothing new under the sun. Poison-trade still the number one trick in Babylon. Without proof of what GMO companies are inserting into the genes of crops, Africans could be eating any DNA on the planet without knowing it. Muslims, Christians and Rastafari are all affected by this war on our environment. Unless you like rice with pork genes in it, or maybe even a little human growth hormone gene in your corn, GMO use should concern all Africans. Babylon play drought and famine like a fiddle. 

May the mind of Christ, that is the consciousness of Haile Selassie I, guide in His Wisdom all Africans, let InI reject Frankenstein-foods and instead farm through an agriculture worthy of the temple of the Most High Elohiym (our bodies being His only temple). Human beings have the right to safe, nutritious food. Africans have the right to decide their own destiny. May it be free of Babylon’s GMO interferences. 

Organic. Ital. Vital.

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