Concerning Gaza – Solomon gave it to the Queen of Ethiopia (Sheba)

Published 15/04/2013 by Rastafari Fellowship (in alliance with the Lion of Judah Society

II Samuel-7:23 And what one nation in the earth is like thine people, even as Israel?
Amos 9:7- Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians to me O children of Israel?

How Solomon gave to Queen of Ethiopia all the country of Gaza
Gaza belongs to Selassie I: The State of Israel must recognise the Lion of Judah!

No Justice, No peace!

One thought on “Gaza belongs to Selassie I: reasoning

  1. Misgana, Ameseginallo! I am not sure if thee was reading the Kebra Nagast and found that reference or from one of the Vlogs, eitherway…. Give Thanks! Its these facts that hopefully shall change History for the Word of JAH to arise and all JAH enemies be scattered, especially the nations that delight in war and love babylon whore… May they know themselves to be just men! May JAH Children be guided and protected by the Grace of ABBA, the Power of the Holy Trinity! Amen

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