Visa woes for the children of Ethiopia. Human Trafficking en mass is a phenomenon of a decapitated society. Haile Selassie abolished the slave trade; the Imperial Ethiopian government was making leaps towards guaranteeing an educated, free and democratic future for Africans.

A strong Constitutional and Solomonic Monarchy would protect Ethiopian workers in the Arabia Felix (Yemen) region.

Human Rights, Civil Rights, Constitutional Rights –  these are equally guaranteed to all Ethiopians within the constitution created by Haile Selassie I’s government. Ethiopians need to reconcile their legal status and start protecting themselves from foreign exploitation. Illegal dictatorships have not protected any Africans from foreign exploitation and traffic thus far. The illegal theft of travel documents is only the beginning of a long list of woes experiences by Ethiopians in the Middle East.

Crown your Ras Ethiopia! Stretch out your hand to JAH!

Part 1: Ethiopians in Yemen Documentary
Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZgUHHSxAMA

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