“There are those outside our country who have attempted to introduce radical Islamism to Ethiopian Muslims, who are a pillar of Ethiopian society, and to induce them into try to break up Ethiopia. This will not work. Ethiopians are Ethiopians: the differences in the various peoples of our nation are a cause for celebration, and not for division. And the religious beliefs of Ethiopians are their own private concern; this does not affect their Ethiopianness.”

– HIH Prince Ermias Sahle Selassie


MMH Editor note: Ethiopian World Federation stands strong and InI welcome the righteous Ethiopians to stand as pillars of the homeland. The Tabernacle of King David will not be torn down by radical Islamism. Ethiopianness unites us all as Ethiopians, as Africans, as human beings.
So say the Negus! Don’t let foreign ideological importations break our unity.

One thought on “HIH Ermias Sahle Selassie: radical Islam not for Ethiopians

  1. there is no moderate or radical islam, the muslims that don’t mind the western armies invading them and killing them are called by the west “moderates” while the muslims who “atleast” feel sorry for the Ummah’s suffering are considered “radicals” and “terrorists”.

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