“According to Haggi Erlich’s book, “Alliance and Alienation: Ethiopia and Israel in the days of Emperor Haile-selassie”, the last king of Ethiopia from the Solomonic dynasty did not support the division of Palestine and rather took an opposition stand, which was a blow to the then politicians. 

The Emperor never bothered to open an Embassy or official visit and instead saw the establishment in a scrutiny, but the pilgrims are not concerned with this issue.”


MMH Editor note: perhaps Haile Selassie I never opened an embassy in the “State of” Israel because He IS the embassy of Israel. Judah is the standard bearer, Judah hold the law in their paw! The King sitting on David’s throne probably reasoned that He did not require any embassy to Israel, as they were setting up shop in His own land. From Euphrates to the borders of the Nile… and beyond: Jah children’s territory grows worldwide. Eretz Israel = Eretz Rastafari – the whole earth is Jah’s, this world is of Haile Selassie I, King of Israel, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. To ya’ll bald head squatters, throne-loans must be returned to the Ras. Check it, bow, or divide and conquer yourselves. InI stand with the Solomonic throne, that is Mount Zion on the sides of the North. Not isms required. Shalom Rastafari

2 thoughts on “Ethiopians make Aaliyah: Selassie I opposed divided Palestine

  1. I love your writings: a voice in the wilderness of the aptly named ‘Web’. His Majesty sits upon the throne of David, on Mount Zion. I wish you health, strength and longevity on this Earth

  2. Very interesting perspective that INI agree and would love to interview or reason on some more of the same…. It is good to see these Rastafari News reports from MMH… Misgana, Ameseginallo!!!

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