Recent BBC Propaganda – willingly written as such or not – provided by the British service fails to discuss the complexity of the Rastafari vision for the African continent.

The fact that exiled Africans in the Diaspora did not and DO NOT receive the same Ango-American support to return to their African Zion that European refugees did after WWII, where they were assisted by global superpowers to occupy Palestine and establish the State of Israel. Rastafari people do not currently receive subsidies from foreign governments to fund our labour. Sheshamane’s Rastafari community exists by the power of the Almighty alone.

Without a Mandate for Palestine or the Balfour Declaration, would European Zionists have been able to occupy Palestine and “return to Israel”? The BBC here has some oversights in declaring the African repatriation to Ethiopia flawed.

InI have never sought for superpower assistance to invade another man’s country and make it InI own. On the contrary, Haile Selassie I gave Rastafari people the land of Sheshamane from His own hand – and much like Indian reservations in the Americas, there have been external political and social-influences affecting the development of the Rastafari community that inhabits that land. This is not a case for despair, rather an honest analysis of the situation is rehired so InI can make realistic plans to improve the health of the Rastafari community within Ethiopia.

Again, InI do this without the protection of foreign armies and international bank cartels funding our work. We stand with Haile Selassie’s philosophy that Human Rights are to be respected and that is a principle of InI development. It looks flawed to the wicked because righteousness is not desirable for the ambitions of those who presume to set the standards for international development.

See the article and reason with InI on the situation in Sheshamane.

One thought on “Rastafarians Flawed Promised Land?

  1. ShalOm Beloved, It is good to sight and read thy posts on MMH! Yes, I read also about thy tribulation and the testing that all of JAH Children at some time, and many times – more times receive and through it all His Word, His Living Word shines JAH Light in INI path showing ini the way to endure and to overcome… step by step! Thus, be of good cheer and learn to rejoice in the inner of the innermost in Selassie I Chapel, INI Holy Place in Our ABBA Father’s Grace! May the Prayers of INI Lady be also with us and reveal the Wisdom, INI Mother whom is justified by INI growth! Also Yiqirta Enae! Forgive I…. Cos perhaps thee reached out and going thru the same I may have not been able to be of any assistance directly but know that thee has and is in ini prayer and praise of ADONAI JAH RASTAFARI in IYESUS KRISTOS New Name!!!

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