Welcome to Melek Media House: an independant Rastafari broadcasting service operating in service of the King of kings and Lord of lords, Qedemawi Haile Selassie I and His Christ, Yeshua Ha’Moshiyah.

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MMH is a reporting service for Rastafari people worldwide, publishing reasonings on the Sacred Scriptures (Mets’haf Kiddus), world history and any truth that concerns the global Nation of Rastafari –
the Beta Tafari – those people who seek to do the will of the King of kings, Qedemawi Haile Selassie I and His Christ, in Jah world without end. Maranatha!

MMH recommends the following resources for anyone searching Rastafari Truth in these times: http://www.rastafarirenaissance.wordpress.com
Rastafari Sabbathical/EWNET YouTube channels
Word Sound Power Manifests YouTube channel

Contact Melek Media House here


I. InI here at Melek Media House seek to publish based on our current and present understandings and overstandings. Melek Media House accept full responsibility for the content published in this blog. If InI are corrected by Jah and find error in this content, we will not delete it, but will repost it with an inserted discussion on the errors contained. It is our aim in Melek Media House to reason and InI strive to publically manifest InI personal process of exodus from Babylon to assist others to do so. We strive attain the fullness of gnosis in the Moshiyah Yeshua. We aim to give truth-full content. Therefore, we will pray on these things and retract-in-public the errors and misprints if they appear. If it is not an opinion peice, please contact us directly or comment if you believe or know something here to be in error. A wise man loveth rebuke.

II. Melek Media House is not directly affiliated with any particular mansion of Rastafari.
MMH operates independantly and although we may reference content from other mansions, houses, groups, or individuals, we maintain and assert operational independence. MMH will not take credit for any content unless we have created it. This MMH blog is not officially sindicated by any Rastafari mansion.

III. Our agenda: Light and Peace
We strive to bring content that is thought provoking and publish materials relating to His Imperial Majesty as we find or receive. We are doing this in service, it is a not-for-profit ministry, though the spiritual profit is the knowledge of Jah Rastafari all over this world and the eventual expansion of Jah’s Empire on behalf of Ethiopians at home and abroad.

IV. Comments, queries and reasonings submitted to MMH are welcome and will be approved, unless they are deemed by the publishers to be inauthentic, abusive, profane, provocative, infringements of copyright, libelous or defamatory in nature. Melek Media House reserves the right to withold approval at our own discretion without notice, though we will try to inform ones as to why their comments have been withheld.

Lion of Judah

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