Shalom and salaam to all men and women who are seeking truth relating to the Revelation of Rastafari, the treasures of the Holy Bible and the Word of God Who Is made flesh eternally. The Lion of Judah hath prevailed!

InI recently heard a strange remark and we would ike to comment on it:

“I am a Rastafarian. I’m not a Christian, and I don’t beleive in Haile Selassie… but I’m a Rasta. My heart is clean”

The above came from a Mohammedan friend of ours a few days ago. It’s a perplexing statement because it is exactly that – very confused.

We must make one thing clear: MMH have no need to lambast a person for their beliefs. Yet we take liberty in teaching the truth as revealed to InI by the grace of Christ. So, seeing as the phenomenon known as the “Muslim-Rastafarian” appears to be on the increase, InI would like to clarify how this statement is an oxymoron. These are pulled off a secular etymology dictionary:

Muslim 1610s (n.), 1777 (adj.), from Arabic muslim “one who submits” (to the faith), from root of aslama “he resigned.” Related to Islam.

Islam  “religious system revealed by Muhammad,” 1818, from Arabic islam, literally “submission” (to the will of God), from root of aslama “he resigned, he surrendered, he submitted,” causative conjunction of salima “he was safe,” and related to salam “peace.”

Okay. Now let’s see the entry for Rastafari

Rastafarian (n.) 1955 (Rastafarite is found from 1953), from Rastafari, Jamaican religion built around writings of Marcus Garvey and belief that Haile Selassie (1892-1975), former emperor of Ethiopia, was God. From Ras Tafari, Selassie’s title from 1916 to his accession in 1936, from Amharic ras “chief, head” (from Arabic ra’s) + tafari “to be feared.” As an adjective from 1960.

[MMH definition: Rastafari; global religion and social movement founded on the Biblical prophecies concerning Israel and the Lion of Judah, the teachings contained in the Bible, and the teachings of H.I.M Haile Selassie I the Emporer of Ethiopia. Rastafari, recognizing the divinity of H.I.M, take His name to recognize that InI indeed fear the Head to be feared!]

Rastafarians do not utter the Shahada or ‘testament’ to Mohammed being the Prophet of Allah. We do not bow to Allah. We bow to the King of kings and serve Jah Rastafari, YHWH Elohiym, the one Moses was told is named ‘I AM THAT I AM’. Our Testaments are the Old and New of the Torah, the writings of the prophets and the wengel or Gospel. We emphasize that Haile Selassie is the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah mentioned in Revelation 5:5.

Rastafari do not šahida Mohammed or his god. InI do not Islam Allah, InI fear/respect or tefer the Lion of Judah. These are two very different forms of worship. And we stand firm in our support of an Imperial Davidic Monarchy and a Christian Ethiopia.

Rastafari trod to Zion. Mohammed never spoke of Zion or the New Jerusalem. Muslims do not build the City of David, they build the Caliphate of Mohammed. Our holy city is Axum while Islam’s holy city if Mecca. We recognize that holiness of Axum based on the fact that the Ark of the Covenant resides inside the Church of St Mary of Zion, placed by the descendants of Solomon an the Levites that travelled to Africa to plant Zion there. Rastafari do not recognize any holiness in the Kaaba stone-kissing religion of the Meccan Hajj pilgrims.

As Muslims do not belive the New Testament, let alone the book of Ra’e/Revelations is a valid or trustworthy religious document, then how can a Muslim possibly recognize His Imperial Majesty as the prophecied Lion of Judah, the King of kings? InI have been told by Muslims that they consider this title blasphemous for any man to have. So how can you as a Muslim take His title to yourself if Islam considers it blasphemous?

For any so-called Rastafarian-Muslims, InI urge you to read the Bible and begin to study what it is you’re saying in calling yourselves Muslim-Rastafarians. The truth is in the Bible.

If you’re feeling called or pulled to the culture of the Ethiopian Hebrew Diaspora (Rastafari) then we reccomend going to the source of that culture: Jah HIMself and His Word in the Mets’haf Kiddus or Holy Scriptures. There’s nothing to say Muslims can’t grow dreadlocks, smoke Cannabis or listen to reggae music. But these things won’t make you Rastafari anymore than eating halal food and wearing a hijab head scarf or growing a beard will make a person Muslim if they do not say Shahada. These things (locks, cannabis, reggae) are not pillars of InI faith or AMEN. Iyesus Kristos, Yeshua the Christ is. He is the Cornerstone of Zion.

So while we may quote the Quran in our efforts to clarify certain historical events or even thological differences, Rastafari do not accept the claim that the Quran was the revealed Word of Allah. InI follow His Majesty in proclaiming the crucified and then resurrected and everliving messiah from Nazareth as the Hebrew saviour, the vine manifested for all man to graft into and thus become Israelites in spirit. Arabs and other Muslims not being excluded from that invitation, they can receive Christ and become Israel.

But once you are Israelite, you are no longer Mohammedan. Light has no affinity with darkness.

For what fellowship does righteousness have with unrighteousness? (Christ is our righteousness) and what communion has light with darkness? And what concord has Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believes (MAMENS/ or has AMEN of Yeshua) with an infidel (one with no feedel, no fidelity to Christ)?
And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols (the kaaba)?

For ye are the temple of the living God; as God has said, I will dwell in them, and walk in [them]; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. So come out from among them, and be ya’ll separate, says Jah, and touch not the unclean [thing]; and I will receive you, And will be a Father to you, and you shall be my sons and my daughters, says the Lord Almighty. (2 Corinthians 6:14-18)

The Peace of Yeshua the Moshiyah be on you all. His Peace surpasses all overstanding. It is the shalom of King David. The shalom of Abraham. The shalom of the King of Salem, Melchizedek. It is this peace InI speak of.
Shalom, Rastafari


36 thoughts on “Muslim Rastafarian? Islam VS the Teachings of His Majesty Intro

  1. As Sons and Daughters, who’ve taken the name sake of Qedamawi Haile Sellassie through RasTafari, we should be obedient just as Yesus Kristos was obedient in that H.I.M. admonished that all should emulate Yesus Kristos. H.I.M. advised not to question the faith of others, nevertheless as Sons and Daughters whom wish to please The Father we certainly should not go after other gods.

  2. True and seen Ras, InI is right on that point. This post was specifically to address some confusion InI have been experiencing amongst African Muslims and to guide any Muslims who were “dabbling” in Rasta-isms to go search the fullness of InI God and King. InI love them as Christ loves them. Yet, to be ignoring the reality and foundation of who and what Rastafari is and also blending Jah’s culture with that of other gods, it is something InI need to look out for and be aware of. We call on Hashem YHWH Iyesus Kristos, not any other name. May all know H.I.M. May all receive Christ. Amen

  3. Assalamu alaikum! I come in all respect, just to offer my opinions. I am Muslim and as such I worship Allah as the One True and Only God and I believe Muhammad SAWS was His Prophet, Messenger, and the Seal of the Prophets. Who are the Prophets and Messengers in Islam? Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, Joseph, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Jesus and His apostles, and many more both unknown and from the Bible, Peace Be Upon Them. What do we have in common? The same Prophets and Messengers!
    I’d like to also stress that as the Old Testament (god worshiped by the Jews) god and the New Testament god (the god preached about by Jesus PBUH) as the same, so is the Judeo-Christian YHWH and the Islamic Allah the same True and Only God! Allah is NOT His name, Allah is simply the Arabic term for “god”, just like El or even the English God. The reason people think they’re different is simply a language barrier. People who don’t speak Arabic don’t realize that Allah is the generic term for the Most High God, not His actual name!
    Now, Muslims DO recognize Jesus PBUH as the Messiah prophesied by the Old Testament Prophets, just like Christians. We believe Jesus PBUH will come at the End Of Days as prophesied in Revelation. Where we differ though is that Muslims believe the Trinity believed by mainstream Christians (which, as we know, was not a belief of the early Christian church as established by Jesus PBUH) is shirk (a great sin that associates equals or partners with God). This is where beliefs start to become muddy as many modern people don’t read their Bible carefully enough. In Genesis you will read about the “sons of God”. We know these “sons” are in fact angels, not actual sons as we would think of them today. They are “sons of God” in that they were CREATED by God and are therefore His children, as such. The early Church (and the apostles) believed that Jesus PBUH was NOT equal to God, He was a CREATION of God! The reason they capitalized and emphasized Son when referring to Jesus PBUH was because He is the eldest of God’s heavenly family (which are not “beget” by God in the human sense of procreation, but rather created by God). Jesus PBUH has been with God since the creation of time and the universe as God created our world through the Word of God (Jesus PBUH). However Jesus PBUH was NOT with God BEFORE the creation of time, only God has existed for all eternity.
    SO if you hold that the original Christianity as preached by Jesus and His apostles PBUT, then this is the belief you would hold, as opposed to the later Trinitarian addition that is not in fact monotheistic. And it is this belief about Jesus PBUH that many Muslims and Christians hold. And if this is your belief, then there’s absolutely no reason why one can’t be a Rasta Muslim!
    As I understand it, there are a great many Rasta’s who don’t believe that H.I.M. Haile Selassie was GOD in the flesh, but rather Yeshua the Christ and Messiah, who is the Son (remember my comments above) of God.
    H.I.M. Haile Selassie himself said that spirituality is an extremely personal matter that requires no intermediary between man and God. As I interpret this statement, that means that whatever God reveals in mans heart about his spirituality through prayer, meditation, and Scripture reading is what a man is supposed to believe and follow. So if a man is called to be a Rasta Muslim by God, then who are we to question this? I believe that as long as something doesn’t contradict with ones religion, then there’s no reason why one can’t also follow it. Rasta and Islam are not contradictory. In fact, they’re extremely similar!! If one differentiates between CULTURAL traditions/beliefs and RELIGIOUS beliefs/practices, then one will find that Islam and Rastafari are preaching the same philosophies.
    I’d love to continue this discussion if I’ve made anything unclear! Again, I’m commented out of nothing but respect and a desire to share knowledge, I’m not coming out of a malicious or deceitful heart, only love for God!!
    May God bless you, give you peace, and continue you lead you on the straight path to Him!

    • You have raised many important points, and I enjoy the discussion so far. I may be late in this channel, but I would be placing my input to this post.
      Firstly, we seem s to agree that there is no equality with the Fatter (YHWH) and the Son, as these third and fourth century Christians have it. However, we can still agree that there is ONENESS between Father and Son, as it relates to” SPIRITUAL” connections. However, though the YHWH gave Him (Yeshua) such glory of the kingdom, yet the Father (YHWH) remains the greater.
      As for thought, the “Trinity” as you explained, also agrees that the SON (Yeshua) manifested as “God,” but he was never the Father (YHWH). The emblem of the TRINITY, though deceptive, yet point out that the Father (YHWH) is not the Son and the SON is not YHWH, which I agree.
      That said and done, I will elaborate on this point that to be a RASTAFARIAN, is to accept Haile Selassie I as your returned MESSIAH AND KING OF kings, without that aspect of thought there is no “spiritual bond” with the DIVINE.
      It is a fact that many claim Rasta renown themselves as a SAINTS of the divine cause, yet refute the blessing of the returned MESSIAH. However, bear in mind that whosoever underline themselves with such immoralities, as it is concern with Rastafarianism, is “an Antichrist,” “anti-truth,” and “an apostate.” there is no Rastafari in one without the concept of His Imperial Majesty as the second advent of returned Messiah.
      I must also comment on the term “GOD,” where some Rastafarians and Muslims as well, who claimed to disassociated themselves with the “Songs of Rome,” yet advertise the word “god”
      The word “God” was never a term used by the Abraham Councils, nor is it a translation of the Hebraic Aramaic word “ELOHIM” OR YHWH. Actually, it is a barbaric word underlined with the King James Version that canonized by and with the Roman Vulgate. The then king of England referred to as King James introduced such word we spoke of with reverence, and it’s an ironic to do so.
      I speak for myself in this regard, but it is ironic how both Islam and Rastafarian associate their deity with it.
      I as a Rastafarian firmly hold that references of H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I should never listed as a GOD, HE IS GREATER and more Divine. SELAH…

      • Haeykinah, you have said enough and I will go no further. One thing to add is that the Muslims and the Coptic had great friendship from as early as the second century BC, when the king of Saga associated himself with Christianity of the Ethiopians. This friendship strengthened in the seventh century AD during Muslims exile from their homeland Quraysh, as their fellow man decided to distress their cause of beliefs.
        However, Haeykinah my fellow brethren have already spoke many points on such benevolence.
        May the love of Rastafari dwell with us SELAH…

    • The Quran gives us the correct Trinity View “Allah is not one of Three” Because Allah is Tawahdo as One manifesting as Three.

    • Everything you say is true one thing you must remember to call yourself RASTA you must know that his Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I the first is the foundation of Rastafar-I there is no RASTA without His Majesty

    • Glory be to allah(Jah). And may He extend His peace upon you. I’m a muslim by birth and this had always been my problem, for being a muslim but honored to live my life naturally and wisefully as a rasta. Thus, being a rastaman.. You’ve enlightened the truth for me. Jah bless you.

      • Muslim but live your life as a rasta? You have a totally obscured view of being a muslim. A muslim lives his life in line with the sunnah. The Prophet (saw) lived his life in the most natural way possible – and proven by Muslims and non-muslims.

  4. Greetings Marilyn, InI extend a warm welcome to this forum. If you love truth then you will find the Truth who is Yeshua HaMoshiyah and He will set you free.

    You have commented on a lot of different points and it would require us to write another three or more blogs just to cover the basics of what you have said. Firstly, MMH must draw attention to a few things that we welcome you to meditate on and study for yourself.

    Allah was the name of a pre-Islamic Arabian moon god. It was a name meaning ‘The God’ but was used alongside the South Arabian pantheon as a proper noun for a specific entity. If the god of Islam were really the JAH of Jacob (which Rastafari do not teach, as Jacob talked, ate and wrestled physically with the God of His father Isaac) then Muslims would call HIM by the name (shem) he gave to Moses. Recall after Moses asked HIM in Genesis what His Name is – that name is YHWH “I AM THAT I AM”. He did not say “I am Allah”. He said “I am YHWH”. Yet no Muslim refers to the creator as YHWH because they are calling on the name of another god that we know not. InI Rastafari do not know this god or worship that one.

    Muslim teaching is that the Holy Scriptures we use today are corrupted, contradictory, and cannot be trusted for doctrine. We do not accept this claim. The entire body of evidence surmounted against Jah’s Word only verifies that His people were blessed with uncorrupted scriptures and there are volumes written on the topic that you can read.

    The cultural similarities between Rastafari and Islam come from the fact that ancient Ethiopia is the origin of civilization. Ethiopians/Africans gave the South Arabians most of their cultural knowledge, because the Sabeans lived across the Gulf of Aden and traded with the Ethiopians. The style of prayer (salat) is completely African in origin. The concept (reality) of one God is African in origin. The concept of oblations is African, as is fasting, sacrifice, etc. etc.

    Secondly, the ancient Hebrews were knowledgeable of the Holy Trinity and recognized HIM. This is not, as you say, ‘Christian error’. This is not a belief in three gods but One Jah in His Holy threeness – Selassie means Trinity – just as man is made in HIS image we are all comprised of body, soul and mind. There are abundant examples of tri-unity in nature for you to see, we cannot discuss them all here. If you would like we can send you PDF books on this topic. Muslims inherited a false Catholic teaching of Trinity and the early Muslims were mistaken in thinking Christians worship Mary as part of the Trinity. We don’t and never have included Maryam in Kiddus Selassie (Holy Trinity).

    Thirdly, Rastafari believe and live the reality that the Spirit of the Almighty Creator Jah Rastafari actively resides within the flesh of mankind, when a person receives Iyesus Kristos (Jesus Christ) as Al Adha (the sacrifice) of Jah. Most Muslims deny Christ was crucified, contrary to the entire Hebrew writings and prophecies, and therefore deny He was raised from the grave. So Muslims therefore cannot claim to be in the livity of Jah, as the everliving life He gives us is His grace. We say He rose from the dead. We say Christ has returned, the Spirit of the Lamb, within the person of the Emperor of Ethiopia. We unapologetically call Him Our God and King. This is all according to the Holy Scriptures. If Christ was not sacrificed for us we have no access to the Holy of Holies in the Temple and we are yet under the Law of Moses and cursed. Yet Yeshua fulfilled the contractual obligation of that covenant on InI behalf, now we are under the New Covenant which is Sarah, which is freedom, which is New Jerusalem. This is the supremacy of the Law we live through – it is superior to the Shariah of Islam, because we have Jah’s law written in our hearts and minds. InI Rastafari in Christ will never die. Death has no power over InI. Hell has no victory over InI.

    So regardless of so-called cultural or religious similarities, the actual teachings of Rastafari are very different from Mahmoud’s Islam. There is no such thing as a Rastafari Muslim. A ‘Rasta Muslim’ might be another story, because ones are not studying enough, but InI are not ‘Rastas’. We are Rastafari – one nation under the Head to be Respected, Holy Holy Holy amongst the kingdoms of men, governed of the Power of the Trinity, Qedemawi Haile Selassie I.

    We live in peace with our fellow man, and actively testify to the Living Jah. It is not for us to judge Muslims individually, but only to share the Good News of Jah’s salvation with those who haven’t had the benefit of hearing it. Yeshua the Christ is our Righteousness and in and through Him we claim Everliving Life and Shalom that can never be taken from InI. We wear the Crown of Life and have right to the Tree of Life. AMEN

    • You are missing a lot of history and Scripture Brother, Blessing in the name of Yeshua.
      1. When Hagar left the camp of Abraham she called on the name of the Most High God and he answered her and Blessed Ismael with a nation (not Kings like Sarah). So did Jah lie and if not what in history is a fulfillment of that promise.

      2.Soloman talks about the Ishmaelite Tribe of Qedar who he has alliance with. Also is Isaiah it talks about the tribe of Qedar will come recite to the King continually.

      3. Islam only exists because of the King of Kings of Ethiopia during the time of Muhammad (PBUH) was being persecuted by the Meccans he sent his family to the King of Ethiopia who Oppresses no one. Where Jafar recited sura Maryam and the King cried and let them stay in Ethiopia.

      4. Muhammad never made himself a King why Because the King in Ethiopia was his King.

      5. What did Qedemawi Haile Selassie say about christens and Muslims, he said who ever says they are different is an enemy to Ethiopia. So to the writer Are you and enemy to Ethiopia?

  5. You have a lot to lean more and more about ISLAM, MOHAMMED and ALLAH. Never aquifer on the issue of ISLAM, MOHAMMED and ALLAH if you have no knowledge and never make blank aquiments about Quran if you have never ready it. ;

    Islam (/ˈɪslɑːm/;[note 1] Arabic: الإسلام‎, al-ʾIslām IPA: [ælʔɪsˈlæːm] ( listen)[note 2]) is a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion articulated by the Qur’an, a book considered by its adherents to be the verbatim word of God[1] (Arabic: الله‎ Allāh) and by the teachings and normative example (called the Sunnah and composed of hadith) of Muhammad (c. 570 CE – c. 8 June 632 CE), considered by them to be the last prophet of God. An adherent of Islam is called a Muslim.

    Muhammad (محمد), was a man from Mecca who unified Arabia into a single religious polity under Islam. Believed by Muslims and Bahá’ís to be a messenger and prophet of God, Muhammad, with the exception of Ahmadi Muslims,[n 1] is almost universally considered by Muslims as the last prophet sent by God to mankind.[2][n 2] While non-Muslims regard Muhammad to have been the founder of Islam,[3] Muslims consider him to have restored the unaltered original monotheistic faith of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and other prophets.

    Allah (English pronunciation: /ˈælə/ or /ˈɑːlə/; Arabic: الله‎ Allāh, IPA: [ʔalˤˈlˤɑːh] ( listen)) is the Arabic word for God (literally ‘the God’, as the initial “Al-” is the definite article).[1][2][3] It is used mainly by Muslims to refer to God in Islam,[4] Arab Christians, and often, albeit not exclusively, by Bahá’ís, Arabic-speakers, Indonesian and Maltese Christians, and Mizrahi Jews.[5][6][7] Christians and Sikhs in Malaysia also use and have used the word to refer to God.

    I am a Christian by birth, i can assure you Quran says much about Jesus, all the prophets, God than what is in the bible.

  6. Anyone who doesn’t understand that God in the Bible and Allah in the Qur’an are the same… I can’t take them seriously.

  7. Respect , i love some of this words in the discussion! good good said,.
    And i love the creator of Creation, and i call him in my prayers also Allah! no matter , after studiyng also nearly 20 years the way of Rastafarians as a Rastaman, there are very very less truthful people in this, likewise u have it in all religions and people of the Books! , so for i choose Monotheism to the fullness and its the clear Islam, no other i found it , and there are so many also polytheists in the Islam Movements for its not allowed to anyone to be on the real right path! So i do give thanks, alhamdulillah rabbil alamin.
    Salaam aleykum warahmatullah wabarakathu, Blessings and Love and Light for One and All!

  8. I come in respect to all I n I, thanks for every contribution.Rastafari is a Bible base movement(both old N new testament), anyone who does not believe in the Bible can’t be a Rastafari.
    Again,prophet Muhammad is not mentioned in the Bible, so anyone who believe in prophet muhammad can’t be a Rastafari because he does not teachings what is recommended for I n I.
    Also,Rastafari is not a religion, a good Christian will tell you a Christianity is not a religion ,but Islam is a religion.Christ himself was a Rastafari. so I n I have to accept every word of the Bible to be qualify to be a Rastafari. Bible simply means Basic Instructions Before Living Earth.Rastafari believe earth is temporal ,but preparing for new Jerusalem, but the Quran never spoke of new Jerusalem.so if you don’t believe in the Bible from the beginning to the end,you are not a Rastafari but can be classify as part of fustrated people who hammer much on legalizing cannabis n causes negative impact for I n I

    • I come in respect and sincere Love, when I say that you are misinformed about the Bible not mentioning the coming of Prophet Muhammad. For a few examples:
      Almighty God speaks to Moses in Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18 verse 18:

      “I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and I will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

      The Christians say that this prophecy refers to Jesus (pbuh) because Jesus (peace be upon him) was like Moses (pbuh). Moses (pbuh) was a Jew, as well as Jesus (pbuh) was a Jew. Moses (pbuh) was a Prophet and Jesus (pbuh) was also a Prophet.

      If these two are the only criteria for this prophecy to be fulfilled, then all the Prophets of the Bible who came after
      Moses (pbuh) such as Solomon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Malachi, John the Baptist, etc. (pbut) will fulfill this prophecy since all were Jews as well as prophets.

      However, it is Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who is like Moses (pbuh):

      i) Both had a father and a mother, while Jesus (pbuh) was born miraculously without any male intervention.

      [Mathew 1:18 and Luke 1:35 and also Al-Qur’an 3:42-47]

      ii) Both were married and had children. Jesus (pbuh) according to the Bible did not marry nor had children.

      iii) Both died natural deaths. Jesus (pbuh) has been raised up alive. (4:157-158)

      Muhammad (pbuh) is from among the brethren of Moses (pbuh). Arabs are brethren of Jews. Abraham (pbuh) had two sons: Ishmail and Isaac (pbut). The Arabs are the descendants of Ishmail (pbuh) and the Jews are the descendants of Isaac (pbuh).

      Words in the mouth:

      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was unlettered and whatever revelations he received from Almighty God he repeated them verbatim.

      “I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

      [Deuteronomy 18:18]

      iv) Both besides being Prophets were also kings i.e. they could inflict capital punishment. Jesus (pbuh) said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36).

      v) Both were accepted as Prophets by their people in their lifetime but Jesus (pbuh) was rejected by his people. John chapter 1 verse 11 states, “He came unto his own, but his own received him not.”

      iv) Both brought new laws and new regulations for their people. Jesus (pbuh) according to the Bible did not bring any new laws. (Mathew 5:17-18).

      2. It is Mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy chapter 18:19

      “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not harken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him.”

      3. Muhammad (pbuh) is prophesised in the book of Isaiah:

      It is mentioned in the book of Isaiah chapter 29 verse 12:

      “And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned.”

      When Archangel Gabrail commanded Muhammad (pbuh) by saying Iqra – “Read”, he replied, “I am not learned”.

      4. prophet Muhammad (pbuh) mentioned by name in the old testament:
      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is mentioned by name in the Song of Solomon chapter 5 verse 16:

      “Hikko Mamittakim we kullo Muhammadim Zehdoodeh wa Zehraee Bayna Jerusalem.”

      “His mouth is most sweet: yea, he is altogether lovely. This is my beloved, and this is my friend, O daughters
      of Jerusalem.”

      In the Hebrew language im is added for respect. Similarely im is added after the name of Prophet Muhammad
      (pbuh) to make it Muhammadim. In English translation they have even translated the name of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as “altogether lovely”, but in the Old Testament in Hebrew, the name of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is yet present.

      Muslims believe in all Sacred Books, and in the Unicity of the Creator. Islam is more than a religion, it is a complete way of life, it is submission to the will of God and obedience to His law. Being muslim means you are in service for all of creation, including all of the natural world, the Earth, the water…
      Hopefully that clarifies things 🙂
      Much Blessings, and love, always Love 🙂

      • MMH will address this post in detail in due time with Jah’s guidance. In brief, we emphasise that in the MMH reading of the Metshaf Kiddus (Holy Writings) historical facts must always align with interpretations of scripture.

        It is always interesting to InI that we quote the Old Testament, only to be told by Muslims that the Hebrew scriptures were corrupted. This reasoning has been posed many times to strip Christ of His Divinity -which is explicit from Genesis to Revelation- yet the same scriptures are used to give credentials to others’ prophethood. Part of the reason MMH began writing this blog was that we could not understand why Muslims would call themselves “Rasta” when Rastafari declare openly that InI worship Haile Selassie as both God and King of Israel. There will be no apologies made for this: InI bow to Jah Rastafari as the Living God. In all our conversations with Muslims, this has been described as idolatry. That was the motivation for the original post – not to enter into theological reasonings to justify InI imnet (faith) as we are not required to do so. MMH provides testimony of H.I.M openly in all postings, as record of our overstanding and identification of Christ in His Kingly Character. This post is not intended to bring enmity between Muslims and Christians at all. The blog was written to clarify that Rastafari people receive the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, RAS TEFERI, no other. H.I.M testified to the Metshaf Kiddus (Bible) as “the rallying point for all humanity” and not Al Quran.

        To begin -מַחְמָד (machmad)- is mentioned in 13 verses of the Old Testament writings. In every sense it describes things that are desirable or that give pleasure – this includes the children of Judah and Israel (not “Jews”*). Adding an ‘IM’ to the end of מַחְמָד (mach mad ) denotes plural, as in הַכְּרֻבִים (cherubim/ divine beings), גֹויֵהֶֽם (goyim/nations). Numerous examples are found throughout the scriptures.

        The gift of prophecy was promised to all the children of Israel – making Israel a nation of prophets. It is not reserved for those mentioned in the Metshaf Kiddus (Bible) as Jah said – Joel 2:28 “And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions: (verse 32) And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.”

        H.I.M Haile Selassie as Priest-Prophet-King in the Order of Melchizedek:
        H.I.M prophesied before the League of Nations in 1936 regarding the effect that abandoning Ethiopia to Fascist-Italy would have in Europe:
        “The match is struck in Ethiopia, the fire will burn in Europe”. H.I.M fulfils the criteria of prophet, lawgiver, sovereign, ruler and judge = “Elect of God”.
        He is the physical seed of Israel “The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah”. He governed as both Prince and King of kings of Ethiopia = Christ in His Kingly Character.

        Notes: *”Jews” did not exist until the tribal territory known as Judah was destroyed by the Romans in 70AD, and much afterwards when the religious writings of the Afroshemite nation made their way up into Eastern Europe. “Jewishness” describes a religious affinity with ancient Judah-Israel’s cultural/religious/spiritual practice, but it does not reflect any actual genesis from Afroshemite Israelites, much the same as Middle Eastern peoples who assimilated the Arabian language/culture but who are not themselves “Ishmaelites” but assimilated tribes. The assimilation of a culture does not equal hereditary link with tribal ancestors – names can be acquired, but not DNA.)

        It is also notable that H.I.M quoted Al Quran, warning Mohammedans that Imperial Ethiopia’s sovereignty should be respected by Islamic peoples, as the Prophet Muhammed explicitly dictated to the Ummah to leave Ethiopia undisturbed – Mount Zion sheltered the early Muslims during Hijjerah. Jerusalem is the city of Salaam – and without Christian Ethiopia, the Ummah would not have survived the Arabian persecutions.

        MMH will most likely write another post on the subject of Islamic-Rastafari confusion. But it must be stated that this is never to tear riffs in the peaceable conversation between Muslims and those of Tewahedo faith – only to clarify confusion for those who ignore the teachings of Rastafari but appropriate His Name and take InI מַחְמָד (machmad) as fashion.

  9. Old Testament Chapter 23 Verse 19 “God is not a man that he shall sin and God is not a son of man the he shall ‘O repent’ ”

    Holy Quran Chapter ‘God is not a man and God is not the son of Man’

    How is it that in the New Testament is saying, Jesus Is the son of man!
    And How could he be God??

    So as Ras Muslims we bow our heads to the Ground and ask God, the Almighty to Guide us!

    Theirs only One God that’s living through each man. Therefore, as SeneGambians people salvation is the new Priority.

    You mess with our people, both home and abroad (no matter what ur faith) we must rebel. Cuz All a we are Rasta and all a we r one!

  10. I am ras and his majesty thaught that all faiths should be respected. This is in keeping and was a precursor to the postmodern turn and to multi culturism to show that his majesty was the king of kings of world standing.

    For me saying there is no God but Allah for a one is a personal thing. A place they have to reach. However if Allah is to be understood as the one unique indivisible absolute pre-existing and eternal one this is a true statement and cannot be denied from that perspective.

    However the same can be argued for the supreme God of a multiplicity of esoteric and exoteric religious paths. Abrahamic and otherwise.

    it is a matter of perspective.

    I enjoy debating with Muslims and I have profound spiritual satisfaction in reading the Koran. I find it a source of guidance and soulful humour. I have no doubt of its authenticity or its divine origins and I do believe it is a guidance and medicine for mankind.

    Yet the prophet taught you have your religion and I have mine.

    Haile Selassie taught we should accept with clear conscience the bible and it’s message I am ras yet I accept with clear conscience the bible and yet I also accept with clear conscience the Koran I wouldn’t try to make my way through life without either. The powers of Islam have often brought me comfort and spiritual freedom a stronger belief in the after life and a willingness to resist evil and materialism.

  11. Most debaters today are under-read how many of you Muslims and Rastafarians know that Empress Menendek the queen of his imperial majesty was a descendent of Prophet Mohammed and this is also significant.

    Rastafarian don’t need to go around dissing Muslims. His majesty has attested that it is part of the role of the Ethiopian monarchs to maintain good relations between the Muslim world and the Christian world – this also from antiquity.

  12. You can read the early sayings of the prophet where he instructed his followers to seek refuge from the Ethiopia. King if they were ever in trouble. This his followers duly did and were shown credulity and hospitality by the the then emperor of Ethiopia. No true upholstery of the throne of Ethiopia would fail to offer credulity and hospitality to the Muslim world.

  13. Print Me SITTIN.

    A me come up Da hard way the hardest; living in shanti no food around, man a run from police although me neva run from police – all get beat up by police all get we hair trim up by police yet a love we a feature.

  14. Bismillah, blessed love and greetings. Your article is interesting. Stirs up alot in the spirit. I feel you on certain things because I once considered myself a Rastafarian. In some aspects of life I still do. But Jah, Allah, blessed me with this overstanding. He sent many messengers with the same message. Man took it upon himself to add to and take away from the message. But all in all, the message was to live clean, in truth and righteousness, in faith, in knowing that The Most High God is our creator and only He deserves true reverence and praise. Rastafarians are solid in this. But like Christians, Rastafarians started to worship the man. Immortalizing the man bringing the message instead of the Almighty. But the same could be said about Islam. We all are peaking in with bias.
    What Ive come to understand is that all men and women who choose good over evil and choose to submit to God’s laws on earth is a muslim. As you stated, it means one who submits to God. So Rastas, in my overstanding, should read the Quran and make certain adjustments…so should Christians, and any other religion/spiritual system…we all belong to a different spiritual system, names are different, customs and practices are different. But for all that practice good on earth, we’re all submitting to the Almighty’s will because we submit, we give thanks and praise, we pray, we chant, beat drums, etc…
    If we submit then we’re muslim. We need to learn to stop immortalizing living men who come to bring the Almighty’s message of how to live life and how to guard against evil.

  15. Don’t let the demons divide and conquer gods children. It’s only the ego of man that needs to see god in his image, skin, doctrine, etc.

    Close your eyes and SEE truth!

  16. hi, i’m a muslim from algeria, i’m somehow a fan of the rastafari culture, and i can also agree with most of what has been said in this article, but there are some faults here principally about the islamic doctrine, so some of them are:
    – Allah is just the arabic name of god, and arab christians call god “Allah” and in the arabic traduction of the bible god is called Allah.
    – Allah is not a new god but the same god of the bible and israelites. so by being muslim you are not worshiping a new god but the same with a correct way.
    – muslims recongnize all the prophets of the bible like noah, israel, king david and salomen,… and the israelites as being once the chosen people of Allah, while islam is a religion of all human kind without preferences.
    – jerusalem is a holy city in islam.
    – Christ is not a god or a son of god, but just a prophet like the other prophets of the israelites.
    – in islam we believe that all the prophets were in the same religion that of submitting to god, of course the rites change from prophet to prophet, but they still are all muslims.
    * so in islam there is only Allah that can be worshiped and DIRECTLY, not by worshiping an incarnation or a messenger.

  17. Yes I… Thee may have taken some type of fiyah from some Rasta-curious folk but thee gnos the Truth, JAH Truth that the Only Way to JAH Father and thru JAH Son…. Some may sincerely be ignorant or willingly so… but Truth is Truth and ini is here to lend support in the Truth that to be RASTAFARI is to be as INI ABBA, Father and Namesake would have us so…. In fact more ones want to defend Mohammadanism or islam but do not utter one lil bo peep on the SAUDI MOSLEMS PERSECUTION, TORTURE, RAPE AND ABUSE OF ETHIOPIANS TODAY! How hypocritical… So ini chant Psalm 83 and chant these deceptacons down!!!

    As it is written, 5 For they have consulted together with one consent: they are confederate against thee:
    6 The tabernacles of Edom, and the Ishmaelites; of Moab, and the Hagarenes;

    So we know who these ungrateful anti-christs really are…. See how Ethiopian Christians open their hearts and homes for first Mohammadans and now they act like they own the place… in fact, it was some of the ET mohammadans who first started protests in Ethiopia against Our Father the King of Kings of Ethiopia that acted as a catalyst to other agent provocateurs to do their worst…. Look at Ethiopia and careless Ethiopians now being disgraced as Habashas and literally enslaved to these Saudi mohammadans today who persecute, rape, enslave, kill, murder these Ethiopians and now some want to say they are “rastafarian” BUT dont believe or have faith in HAILE SELASSIE I?!!! Excuse ini… but WTF??? Fiyah burn these thieves who are trying to steal the name for their game…. Thanks again for the article… see how none of them even say anything about what their fellows are doing against the Ethiopians at home and abroad…. Time shall Tell!!!

  18. Greetings and shalom – this article has generated more hits on Melek Media House than any other we have ever posted. Yet it seems that very few of the readers of this post have managed to look at other MMH writings regarding the Biblical prophecy of the Lion of Judah and the restoration of the Divine Kingdom of Black Israel.

    InI proclamation is that Qedemawi Haile Selassie is the living God, that Christ has come to sit on the throne of David as the Lion of Judah in the flesh.

    We do not stir up any animosity between the Muslims and Christians of Ethiopia, as we are not the enemies of Zion. Rastafari are the envoys of the nation. On the contrary, InI seek and pursue the peace that Jah has promised us with all men including Muslim people. We only repeat the Prophet Mohammed’s order to all Muslims that Ethiopia is a free and hospitable nation and “Woe betide anyone who molests her”!

    Melek Media posted this blog because of certain Muslims we had been communicating with who dabble in Rasta-isms and mingle InI holy culture with their own practices for convenience or personal gain. There are ones who willfully use and abuse the outer expressions of Rastafari mystic spirituality (our evident culture) but who slander those worship Jah as idolators. These Muslims need to be reminded of where their bread is really buttered (or their injeera cooked). Muslims cannot adopt our livity and then deny the King who gave it to us.

    That was the intention of this post. It was to show that Muslims need to know the history of their own Ummah and the reason the Arabs fled to Ethiopia. The Muslims beyond the borders of Ethiopia must know that the Ethiopian Zion is not to be molested and that the Neguse negast has reminded them to respect the sovereignty of Black Israel.

    We have endeavoured to freely publish all comments except where we believed they were contrary to free conversation. If your comment has not yet been approved be patient as we are wisely considering it. For those who wish to gain more knowledge on Rastafari InI direct you to our other posts on prophecy and also the ‘Rastafari Sabbathical’ YouTube channel.

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