Shalom Rastafari. InI want to open with a prayerful thanksgiving to InI God and King of kings for His election in Kristos. We are humbled in the calling and in being chosen to come up to HIM in iritical Aliyah upon Holy Mount Zion, seated with the sons of David.

In history men have formed society and civilisation, and time over again those constructions have bowed and crumbled to the influence of internal and external conquest. Rome was invaded, (politically by armies and spiritually by the Messiah of Israel); Arabia was revolutionised by Mohamed’s Islam; India and all far Asia was revolutionised by the teachings of Siddhartha Buddha. The native Americans did not expect the arrival of White European civilisation and their Vaticanism. Mankind never expect revolution. The thief in the night comes by surprise. People continue their lives within familiar systems, never expecting a catalytic eruption from within their own generation and locality. Monty Python said “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”. Nobody expected Rastafari in 1930.


InI have been meditating on this general feeling amongst the bankrupt nations is that His Imperial Majesty is a residue of history, with no consequence to the modern world. Amongst the iniquitous tribal rulers of men, HIM is tolerated as a memory of former tribal resistance. Just like the Babylonian Belshazzar drunk wine from Jah’s Holy things and mocked HIM, they mock Haile Selassie I. But like the Babylonians were conquered by surprise, the Medo-Persian invasion is no less assaulting than what will be when mankind realise the power of Rastafari that is rushing out of them. In His speech to the League of Nations in 1936 Jah spoke to mankind and wrote their fate on the wall. HIM spoke to Africans and the received HIM not. But His Word has gone throughout the world, and InI have realised that even in the 20th Century, or 21st Century, David will still beat Goliath. The Conquering Lion of Judah prevails. The empire has been struck already. Babylonian citizens are unaware, but the eruption of Jah people and the works of His Melchezedek Priesthood are being manifested throughout the earth. Like Islam spread across Asia (the Middle East) and North Aethiopia (Africa) revolutionising the entire civilised world in only a few generations, Selassie I’s government will come faster than Babylon could anticipate.
Jah banner, the MOA ANBESSA, is going to unfurl all over the earth. 

Keep InI eye open. MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN has been chiselled on the wall.

So in order to strengthen our brothers and sisters in Selassie I priesthood, family and government, we wish to admonish all to refuse the Edomism, Esau “misosophy” (hatred of wisdom) that he manifested in selling his birthright for soup. InI wish to remind ones not to sell InI birthright Zion for the soup of the present system or any part of it. It is a Human Rights war against InI for the system and its administrators to try pulling us back in to their ill-logic. We live in this place, this current system, we must influence as we can, but we are not of it and we look forward to Jah’s system manifesting HIMself throughout the earth. Whatever Babylonians wish to believe, world revolution started in 1930. Just like Belshazzar never expected Cyrus, nobody expected the Ethiopian Imperial vision. Nobody expects Rastafari to laugh last, but HIM win. Just like ancient Rome was ripped in two pieces, modern Rome will be smashed into powder and chased by the four winds of heaven.

Keep calm and trod on brothers and sisters. Peace to all in Selassie I’s House.

Shalom Rastafari

One thought on “Abyssinian Wind: open gates in Babylon

  1. Armain Sister.
    Lovely to hear from the I.

    Your words are true, look how ‘revolutions’ / rebelling is become ‘trendy’, when really ever since the beginning Jah has been providing His saints, and since the beginning HIS Logos has been the same.
    Father sent HIS Son, and now the Glory of Father HIMself, and like you say we have the privilege (what could be better than being chosen by Jah) of being called and chosen – It does humble one’s-self –
    1st Corinthians 10:12
    Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

    1st Peter 1:20)
    Who (Kristos) verily was foreordained before the foundation of the world, but was manifest in these last times for you.

    Ephesians 1:4)
    According as He hath chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before HIM in love.

    Shalowm Sister.

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