Greetings to all Rastafari people worldwide in the blessed name of Qedemawi Haile Selassie, Elect of HIMself.

We were inspired today to return to MMH blog after a long and much needed hiatus. Looking at Rastafari Sabbathical we were pleased to see reference to an old post in a vodcast released in April 2015 (see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Mtsg2C3LkM). It was a comfort to us that our small works have been useful for the Rastafari family. InI want to extend our deepest and sincerest gratitude to Ras Yadon Tafari from the Lion of Judah Society, for his intinual work on behalf of all Rastafari disciples and those who wish to move to the heights of Tsion/Zion.

It has been a trying year for InI here at Melek Media House. This time has been spent in hard spiritual warfare and struggles within the seclorum around us. Very much as David lived in the wilderness in exile from Saul. What we have been able to overcome has unfortunately required us to turn our attention far from this blog. Melek Media House has been a constant meditation for us, in that we desire to cultivate this project and see this small field bear good fruit for all. It has been difficult to abandon the project but nothing Jah’s people have not had to do before. His Majesty has served as a guide in dark places. In these moments of conflict that InI experience as a people, Iyesus Kristos guides us through the other side of death, in as many forms as it dare present itself to the children of Jah Rastafari. Always give thanks and praises wendimoch for what Jah does for InI. We will never know the hidden things as they cannot be counted. The depth of stars is not measured by our eyes in the night sky.

We ask all our readers that will to see InI return to this work, pray for the restoration of this blog. It is intended as a signpost for ones looking to find Jah Light. At the moment we are coming out of a long sabbatical from spiritual labour and feel that prayer and the protection of the King is needed. More InI all receive more irit, more wisdom, more discernment between good and evil, more imnet and the courage to defeat the Philistines of our trod.

Our sincerest gratitude to ones who have offered a word in our favour. It is for the nation of kiddusan (saints) that we started this project and desire to return as soon as it is tenable to do so.

In Jah’s wisdom we will return to blogging, hopefully at the new year coming (September 11th).

Selam, in Kristos Iyesus
Melek Media House

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