Greetings in the blessed name of Yashuah HaMoshiyah, Black God-Man Christ of Nazareth, and His Father Haile Selassie I, the Conquering Lion of Tribe of Judah, King of kings of Ethiopia. Image
First, some etymology:

Aboriginal (adj): etymology 1660s, “first, earliest,” especially in reference to inhabitants of lands colonized by Europeans, from aborigines

Christ: from Latin Christus, from Greek khristos “the anointed” (translation of Hebrew mashiah; see messiah), noun use of verbal adjective of khriein “to rub, anoint” (see chrism). The Latin term drove out Old English Hæland “healer, savior,” as the preferred descriptive term for Jesus.

Messiah: c.1300, Messias, from Late Latin Messias, from Greek Messias, from Aramaic meshiha and Hebrew mashiah “the anointed” (of the Lord), from mashah “anoint.” This is the word rendered in Septuagint as Greek Khristos (see Christ)

Aborigine (n): etymology 1858, mistaken singular of aborigines (1540s; the correct singular is aboriginal), from Latin Aboriginesthe first ancestors of the Romans; the first inhabitants” (especially of Latium), possibly a tribal name, or from ab origine, literally “from the beginning.” Extended 1789 to natives of other countries which Europeans have colonized. Australian slang shortening Abo attested from 1922.

The Alpha and the Omega, The First and The Last, the Aleph-Tau is a Black Man.

Why are InI emphasising this so much? Because too much violence is always done, both physical abuses and barbaric spiritual genocide against Australia’s Black Peoples. We say this because no one else is saying it.

Reconciliation in Australia is impossible without addressing the following facts:

  • Yeshua HaMoshiyah (Jesus Christ), the greater Nation of Israel and the Kingdom and Tribe of Judah were and are Black people
  • Europeans were and are still are largely pagans in the Biblical sense of the word -‘Gentile’- they are using a book (the Bible) that does not belong to them, to justify a global tyranny of White Supremacy and Black cultural annihalation
  • The Bible is a book for hyper-spiritually-activated people who have been initiated by The Elder and Master, Yeshua HaMoshiyah. He elects who He wants to elect into this group: you can’t buy your way or bargain your way in. Black Australians will appreciate this, but they are never told this because false Christianity is a good control mechanism to stop Black independance flourishing again here in Australia. The principle is much like the local ways, the young people were initiated into their group by elders, there was a wise man who knew the right words and knew local science. The young people were guided by spirits through their natural education. Not every curious tourist can walk into a desert tribe and know their secret business – some people have no business knowing that business at all. Likewise, if you are not initiated you can’t understand the Bible. You might get some good advice for your life but the deeper things, the HIdden Manna, will not be given to you. This Book, it is InI “Dreaming” and InI spirit knowledge is gained  not by believing but by walking out that Book, which is the creation story of InI Creator, we walk that out in our own bodies and souls. Heathen or Gentiles won’t be able to gain it through church-sitting or listening to another human being tell them about ‘salvation’ and ‘heaven’. If those ones really want the Truth, they must prepare for a very hard initation process that follows, being made worthy to walk in white robes (righteousness) with Christ’s people.
  • Black People in Australia have been lied to about who Christ is and who he really came to save. He came to find the lost sheep of the House of Israel, who are the true Black Nobility though they rejected their God and fell into idolatry, and these people are scattered all over the world, perhaps even here in Australia before White men came (and there is evidence of African links in pre-colonial Australia). They are in the Caribbean, Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East and even India. They are not the ones who get all the funding from Western governments to kill other people and steal land.
  • The inferiority complex impressed on Aboriginal psyche is designed to stop Black people from controlling their own destinies, in order to service corporate machinery and profit for White businessmen. Urbanizing Black people to get them to voluntarily move off their ancestor’s lands so Gina De’Miner can take more stuff out of their ground, perhaps…
  • Education systems in Australia are not designed to teach Aboriginals to be free. They are designed to make Black people forget themselves in the Western Roman cultural cauldron and become “functional”, “motivated”, “well adjusted” White men and women. It’s false equality, because if you want your kids to grow up in only local ways, Human Services interfere in your decision. InI don’t have enough time to get into the evils of this subtle rape of family, but Jah wiling we will.
  • Not all White people wanted the genocide here. Like any other system, even Black systems, having the same colour as someone does not guarantee they will respect you, like you or listen to you. Many Whites were enslaved and abused with their Black brothers and sisters. What matters now is who is telling the Truth and who is lying or speaking Satan’s language.
    White spirits reside in many Black bodies and vice versa.
  • The system has a ‘god complex’ – it is the most powerful demented psychopath you could ever imagine. It will not change or be reformed by anyone. It will not die willingly. But it’s dying.

The picture above is a copy of an older picture of an Israelite an in ancient Rome. He is clearly Black.

This is (Black) Samson killing the lion in the catacombs of Rome. The early Christians were Black and knew their own ethnic history, because Romans had not yet stolen their religion for political purposes.

Let InI explain it this way: if in 1500 years White Australians begin telling the world they are the real Aboriginals, and they outnumber the Ab-originals by 100,000,000:1, noone will really be able to tell the difference, because noone will have an original to look at anymore. Noone could tell the difference: that is what happened to Black Israel.

Now this is profound for Black Australia, because of the etymologies InI cited (at the top of the page). Etymology means ‘study of true-word’, and these words give InI a very very interesting picture.

Latin Aboriginesthe first ancestors of the Romans; the first inhabitants” (especially of Latium), possibly a tribal name, or from ab origine, literally “from the beginning.”

Rome was built over the lands of tribal people -Aboriginal people- who were killed, moved or assimilated (read: dissolved) in the Roman struggle for a global empire. Rome depended on an enormous slave labour force to sustain its economy. Rome also relied on multicultural policies to keep the diverse Roman peoples from killing each other over ethnic/religious tensions. Just like in the modern Rome, many people have become Romanized or  ‘Westernized’ with the Latin-based English language and Roman culture, but there were/are some cultural glitches to smooth over.

The Aboriginal Christ is exactly that the Bible teaches. The original man, the natural Hebrew. It does not portray a Romanized well-educated wealthy man as Christ. It reveals an African village boy as the saviour.
hebrew mother and child

The humble Black mother and father Mary and Joseph protecting their child from government genocide policy (King Herod slaughtering the infants) and resisting Roman imperialism by sticking to their own culture or way of cultivating life. It shows them fleeing for their lives and going into Egypt (as Eritrea/Djibouti/Ethiopia was known at the time). Rome would have told Mary to get an abortion and get a career, and told these natural warriors to stop with their unproductive monotheism and constant pilgramiges to Jerusalem. They would have let Herod slaughter Christ because he was just another poor Black ghetto kid who needed handouts.

Scientific and Social Darwinism is what made the colonial government of Australia commit the human rights crimes of the Stolen Generations and the land theft.
Social Darwinism eliminates the possibility for a Messiah, because Messiah is Aboriginal and Black and the natural man and NOT ROMAN.

Messiah teaches people a way to live that will guarantee this system would fail in a week if all people lived according to His perfect teachings. Therefore the White system crucifies the Aboriginal Christ and stops Black people from knowing that Christ is one of them.

Aboriginals need to look at these histories to heal. Black Christ of Nazareth is the medicine to this shame. Not an empty  ‘Sorry’   – but  –   ‘SALVATION’!

2 thoughts on “Rasta, Australia: The Aboriginal Christ

  1. ON the Subject of Aborginal , and from the beginning etc. The word “Etymologies” is spelled incorrectly at first , then spelled correctly on The singular version. Blessed love

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