Black Athena: Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization

What is classical about classical civilization? In one of the most audacious works of scholarship ever written, Martin Bernal challenges the whole basis of our thinking about this question. Classical civilization he argues, has deep roots in Afroasiatic cultures. But these Afroasiatic influences have been systematically ignored, denied or supressed since the eighteenth century – chiefly for racist reasons.

According to the view in which most of us have been brought up, Greek civilization was the result of the conquest of a sophisticated but weak native population by vigorous Indo-European speakers – or Aryans – from the north. But the Classical Greeks themselves, Professor Bernal argues, knew nothing about this ‘Aryan model’;
Although proud of themselves and their recent accomplishments, they did not see their political institutions, science, philosophy or religion as original. They derived them… from the East in general, and Egypt in particular.

Black Athena is a three-volume work. Volume I… concentrates on the crucial period between 1785 and 1850 which saw both the Romantic and racist reaction to the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the consolidation of Northern European expansion into other continents. These were also the decades in which new paradigms of progress and scientific positivism allowed nineteenth-century scholars to dismiss all their predecessors.

In an unprecedented tour de force, the author makes meaningful links between a wide range of areas and disciplines – drama, poetry, myth, theological controversy, esoteric religion, philosophy, biography, language, historical narrative, and the emergence of ‘modern’ scholarship.


2 thoughts on “Black Athena: Afro asiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, Rastafari bookclub #1302

  1. Greetings Melek Media House,

    Sounds very interesting. This type of knowledge will help to fill in the (w)hole of reality and his-story. The general view that life popped out of nowhere and is just random has caused so much trouble and makes the average ‘westerner’/white feel like life is just random. Having solid evidence to prove a real human heritage will ground many ideas and quash many rumors.

    Usually white/western people either just live day by day, feeling no true connection to reality or have made up their own his-story.

    InI notice that the author Martin Bernal has passed away recently, may Jah bless his soul.

    InI will look further into this, as it is the first InI have heard.

    Shalom – Arron.

    • Give thanks Arron, We give thanks to ABBA always – the Library Angel (Melaku Maktab) or Holy Spirit sorts out the scrolls for InI and provides these resources. Without HIM we could not find them.

      ‘Civilization’ is and always will be an African conceptual reality. Give thanks and may Jah bless Prof. Martin Bernal for writing this work.

      If you can please source a copy. The Three volumes are a good foundation to Afroasiatic Europe and its history. Shalom, MMH

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