There is a special irony to an Italian youth or any Italian embracing Rastafari – Mussolini would “roll over in his grave” so-to-speak. The Lion of Judah is conquering the hearts of the sons of Rome. Selassie I laughs last!
Iyared writes, “It is [a] heavy and proud task to bring the word of Rastafari to this land, where [early Christian] fathers suffered martyrdom and persecution in the very early days of Christianity.”

Iyared Mihirete Sellassie is the first vice-president of the Federation of Rastafari Assemblies in Italy (F.A.R.I), an organization that was created in efforts to centralize and organize the movement. Iyared  is seen by many of the younger Italian Rastafarians as a spiritual leader or older brother in the faith.


4 thoughts on “Selassie laughs last: Rastafari grows amongst Italian youth

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  2. Yes I…. Selamta to the Rastafari Brethren in Italia! Greetings to Ras Iyared and the F.A.R.I. Excellent works of grace and truth coming from the Rastafari in Italy as well, especially the translations works like the one on the QHS Coronation! I Negus Rules Inivershally!!! Greetings from YadOn and @LOJSociety

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